Grenade’s Handy Guide To Home Fitness

Home-workouts are a great way to keep up with your training regime when you find yourself stuck indoors – and can be just as effective as an equipment-fuelled workout at the gym

The Wordrobe spoke with team Grenade® to give you tips to keep your body moving and your mind focused – whether you’re an avid gym bunny or a complete beginner.


Key basics

Invest in some key pieces of equipment to really enhance your home-workout sessions – whether it’s a kettlebell, skipping rope or resistance band, get your hands on the little bit of kit you’ll need for your type of workout.

• Make the most of your environment by using furniture where you can to assist your training – it could be a chair to help you hold your balance, the stairs for some simple step ups, or the floor for those push-ups!

• Make sure your exercise space is clean and tidy as well removing potential hazards and keep your head clear – a bit of laundry can even count as a part of your workout if you include some lunges and squats in there too!

Core home-workout

Looking for a killer core workout perfect for sculpting your abs? Hayley Madigan has crafted an easy to follow exercise routine created to work your core into submission.

Whether you’re a beginner or working at an advanced level, take on the side plank, windshield wipers move, V-Sits and heel touches to really start feeling the burn.

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Full body, ‘no equipment’ workout

This workout does exactly what it says on the tin – a full body workout, with no equipment needed.

Created by the one-and-only, Nathan McCallum, this full body burner is one to really get the blood pumping and see the sweat dripping.

With no weights needed, you’ll be working everything from your quads and core, to shoulders and chest with this hardcore regime which features Spider Man push-ups, ninja squats and wall mountain climbers to name a few –  a few rounds of this and you’ll really be feeling it.

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Glute home-workout

You’ll need to get ready for this one. Renowned personal trainer, Chelsea Andersen, has shared a workout for a glute session where you’ll really be feeling the burn.

With glute bridges, crab walks and kickbacks to name a few, Chelsea takes this to a whole new level with the optional addition of a resistance band to really get you hot and sweaty.

If you’re really looking to take your home-workout up a notch, why not try Chelsea’s abs workout guide or core sessions for a whole body workout in the ‘comfort’ of your own home.

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Full body, resistance band home workout

If a full body workout wasn’t hard enough – throw in a resistance band for good measure.

Firm favourite personal trainer, Nathan Williams, shows you how to use this useful piece of equipment and add some extra intensity to your-home workout, to take it to new heights.

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