Five ways to keep fit on a tight schedule

When it comes to fitness, fitting it into our everyday routine can seem like a laborious chore at times. Busy schedules, early meetings, late meetings, moods and long commutes can all affect how we feel about hitting the gym.

The good news is, however, staying fit can be far more simple than you think. It’s all about the little things – which will make a much bigger difference in the long run.  So, here are my five top ways to keep active when leading a busy lifestyle.

1 Treat a workout like a diary meeting
Schedule in your sessions – write it in your diary. Set a reminder – and treat exercise like you would a work meeting or hangout with friends.

2 Early bird gets the worm
I’m a big believer in early morning workouts – it’s much easier to be motivated first thing than last thing at night. Pack your bag the night before, set an alarm and don’t take no for an answer. You’ll be finished by 8am AND energised for the day ahead.

3 Build a routine
The more regular your exercise becomes, the easier it will be to keep at it. Whether it’s a weekly class, a home workout, a gym session or even just an afternoon walk, stick to it and watch how easy it starts to become.

4 Use your lunch break
If you have time during the day, go for a walk at lunch. 10 -15 minutes will make a big impact, whilst it may seem small. If you don’t have the time during the day, fit it in at the end. If you get the train, get off one or two stops earlier. Park further away from the office. It’s all about changing your lifestyle.

5 When there’s a will…
There’s always a way. Keeping active is half as much about wanting to stay active than the workout itself. No excuses – just find what works for you and go for it.



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