First Glimpse at FIELD by Fortnum’s, Fortnum & Mason’s New Sustainable Pop-Up Restaurant

With every dish designed around daily-sourced produce and ingredients, here’s everything a foodie needs to know about FIELD by Fortnum’s, an exciting culinary pop-up centred around eating sustainably

Welcoming guests from early October onwards, Fortnum & Mason has announced the opening of its new food waste-led culinary concept. Its first new launch in over 6 years, FIELD by Fortnum’s will focus on all things sustainable and will showcase eco-friendly food until the end of December.

As keepers of British tradition and long-time supporters of a homegrown food future, the exciting pop-up represents a brand-new culinary offering which is designed to minimise wastefulness, focus on regenerative farming, and celebrate local produce.

Image credit: Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum’s has always held a long-standing commitment to sustainability through its Future Matters programme, and underlining this commitment, diners should expect deceptively simple but powerfully delicious food from the country’s greatest and freshest produce.

Each dish is designed around daily sourced produce and ingredients, almost all of which is from the UK.  Field will be able to track its line-caught fish to the very boat it was caught on, while meat, dairy and vegetables are all sourced from small-scale regenerative farms.

Image credit: Fortnum & Mason

Find it on the ground floor of the famous Piccadilly flagship property, sitting as the contemporary new sibling to Fortnum’s existing family of restaurants with bookings available here.

The latest offering sits alongside Fortnum’s other world-famous restaurants, such as the iconic Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon, the mainstay of the Afternoon Tea scene in London, as well as its destination dining spot 45 Jermyn St.

Simon Thompson, Chief Customer Officer at Fortnum’s told The Wordrobe: “We’ve always had a simple but fundamental philosophy at Fortnum’s; that good cooking starts with the best possible ingredients.  And for us, that’s often right here at home in the UK. At FIELD, we work with food suppliers that have a way of farming and growing that doesn’t just sustain but repairs and improves the ecosystems they work within.

Championing biodiversity, soil health, water quality and carbon removal are our goals for this beautiful new space.  As a new Fortnum’s concept, FIELD celebrates our fantastic ingredient’s origins – we are hoping it will evoke a sense of place, transporting our customers to where it all began, whilst drawing a direct line between Fortnum’s and farm.”

Launching on 5 October 2021. For full details and to arrange a booking, please visit

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