Discover the Unusual Wellness Benefits of Beer & Spa with Original Beer Spa

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Not your usual spa session – discover Original Beer Spa, the company offering visitors the chance to take a luxurious bath in a huge, hand-carved Royal Oak tub filled to the brim with natural beer extracts

Having grown from the Czech Republic into a global brand, each Original Beer Spa reflects the Group’s original heritage and unique sense of place. Original Beer Spa offers a new type of wellness experience, providing long-lasting health benefits to their valued guests.

Holding many awards for outstanding service and quality, the company aims to be recognised as one of the world’s best spas. Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognised Original Beer Spa for their unique offerings in 2018 and 2019, and they have now, for the third time, been awarded, this time for Best Luxury Experience (Beer Spa) in Prague, Czech Republic, 2022.

The company’s main goal is to exceed their guests’ expectations by providing exceptional levels of hospitality, while simultaneously maintaining their position as an innovative leader in the spa & wellness industry.

For over 2000 years, spas and beer have been thought to go well together. Bathing in beer, as well as drinking it, have a long history in folk medicine – and the brewer’s yeast itself has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times.

Brewer’s yeast is the main ingredient for the beer spa. It is an incredible source of nourishment for the skin, smoothing wrinkles and providing overall hydration, while providing the essential vitamin B, carbohydrates and proteins.

Brewer’s yeast is also one of the richest sources of organic iron, essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, phosphatides, sterols, glucides, enzymes and other bioactive nutrients.

What Original Beer Spa offers is a unique spa concept with a refreshing twist on quality relaxation based on traditional procedures.

Guests are provided with cotton towels and sheets, linen blankets, and basswood slippers, so there’s no need to bring anything along. They then are invited to enjoy a luxurious bath in one of the huge, hand-carved Royal Oak tubs filled with the natural extracts used to brew Czech Krušovice® beer, selected varieties of hops, brewer’s yeast, and malt.

The high hop oil content contributes to overall vitality and helps open the skin’s pores. This unique combination of natural ingredients and the magical effect of Royal Oak, which has for ages been a symbol of longevity and immunity, stimulate metabolism, help remove harmful substances from the body and ease fatigue and stress, resulting in guests feeling ideal mental and physical relaxation. 

This is then followed by a time of relaxation on a wheat straw bed, which allows guests to fully absorb the vitamins and extracts of the bath. Guests can afterwards spend precious moments by a warm fireplace, where they can taste fresh homemade beer bread, and of course the premium Krušovice® beer, which they have unlimited access to during the entire treatment. The process is an hour long, and the spa room is given to guests to enjoy exclusively, ensuring ultimate privacy.

Beer cosmetics are also available to guests, consisting of handmade soap, shampoo, shower gel and face masks. Brewer’s yeast and hop extracts are used for these products, as they hold essential moisturising, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. Hop, the bittering, flavouring and stability agent in beer, also has purifying and smoothing effects. The beer cosmetics are made out of Czech beer without any additional synthetic colours.

“Come and experience our award-winning Original Beer Spa concept with our excellent service and treatments based on the exclusive use of natural ingredients, materials, and old medical procedures” commented Jaromir Pazout, Co-Owner & Founder.

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