Dark Chocolate Probiotic Pancakes

Always experimenting at breakfast time, editor Sophie Ritchie shares her recipe for dark chocolate pancakes with a healthy probiotic twist

I visited Balance Festival at the Old Truman Brewery a couple of weeks ago for the first time and it was so much fun – picture an enormous space filled with wellness brands, workout stations and droves of fitness fans. I visited with a friend and we wasted no time in visiting plenty of the stands – picking up a few samples along the way.

I made these vegan dark chocolate probiotic pancakes using one of these – Biomel’s dairy-free probiotic shot. I was given this product for free during the event but would 100% use in my pancakes again, the texture was super creamy and tasted more like a shake than a boring health product. Anyway, these healthy buckwheat pancakes are perfect for squeezing a gut-boost in at breakfast – satisfying a sweet tooth craving along the way too.

The probiotic drinks are made using a blend of vitamins, minerals and billions of live active cultures and they basically work to combat bloating and stomach issues through this magic formula – ideal for anyone struggling with IBS or just that annoying stomach pain that kicks in whenever you’ve eaten something your body dislikes.

– half cup buckwheat flour
– 1 small ripe banana, mashed
– 1tsp cinnamon
– 1tbsp cacao nibs
– half of a Biomel dark chocolate probiotic shot
– tsp vanilla extract

To serve:
– 1tsp dark chocolate probiotic shot
– 1tsp Sweet Freedom choc shot
– extra cacao nibs

1 For the best batter, I always blend all of the ingredients for about 15 seconds or until thoroughly mixed. You can do this by hand however if you’re not a Nutibullet owner. The batter shouldn’t be too thick or too runny – we’re aiming for a Goldilocks effect here.
2 Heat up a frying pan with coconut oil and cook the batter spoonful by spoonful, turning over when each side is cooked or when bubbles appear
3 The finished texture should be firm and smooth – when ready to go, drizzle on the toppings and serve immediately. The finished result is pretty artistic… and yum!

Me at Balance, with two pulled calf muscles at the time!

Thanks for reading and happy cooking!

Recipe and images by Sophie Ritchie

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