Wordrobe Wears: Antler Clifton Cabin Suitcase Review

Ready for new horizons and adventures, Editor Sophie Ritchie reviews British travel brand Antler’s new limited-edited Azure blue capsule collection with a test drive of its Clifton Cabin suitcase

Travel is on the rise this year. Recent studies have shown that the sector is projected to reach 95% of pre-pandemic levels this year, with the world travel and tourism sector forecast to reach $9.5 trillion in 2023 alone, according to new research*. Whether we’re opting for long-haul trips somewhere hot, jam-packed Euro city breaks or simply a weekend of staycationing, there’s never been a better time to travel in style. Ready for new horizons and adventures of my own, I try out travel brand Antler’s new limited-edited Azure blue capsule collection with a test drive of its Clifton Cabin suitcase

Established in 1914, Antler has been making quality luggage for over 100 years. Now that’s a lot of baggage. The brand’s logo features a simplistic stag head, which according to ancient mythology and folklore, symbolises the joy and promise of new adventure. Antler started out designing leather trunks for ocean voyages (a little bit ironic given our growing obsession with cruising today) and were the first brand to produce soft-sided luggage – fast forward to 2023, and the collections range from suitcases and lifestyle bags to handbags, packing cubes and plenty more. 

Durable items always sound good to me, as I’m undeniably tough on all of my wares – luckily, each Antler suitcase purchase comes with a ten-year warranty. I take my Clifon Cabin, the smaller version of the cult classic suitcase and prep the cabin-sized bag (with a packing capacity of 37L) for a short visit to Cambridge. 

I’m taking it on a road trip in my MINI, so there’s no real worry about sizing – but it’s worth noting that it’s definitely on the larger end of the spectrum for cabin luggage and I would be wary of taking it anywhere near a Ryanair flight as my carry-on. 

The Azure blue is part of two new colourways introduced in the limited-edition collection – there’s also a deep Poppy red for those that like to make a statement. Unwrapping the box reveals a sleek and compact suitcase with a glossy blue hue – I can’t help but notice how the Azure blue ties in nicely with Cambridge University’s famous blue tones.

Built with polycarbonate, it’s designed to be strong whilst nimble and easy to wheel thanks to a twist-grip handle, pulling easily as I take to and from various places during my city explorations. Plus, it just looks pretty adorable – I receive at least three compliments over the weekend alone. 

The bag comes with a smart TSA lock feature, which as a first-time user baffles me a bit as I try to unlock the bag. However, one short YouTube tutorial later and I’m ready to go – using the suitcase with ease and pulling the zips to reveal the contents within. The inside of the bag is gorgeous, featuring two main compartments lined in a cappuccino-esque shade with numerous handy pockets for smaller items such as beauty products or jewellery – ideal for easy access without ruining your neatly folded clothes.

For those love a matching set, the new colour also comes in the hard-shell suitcase range Clifton, Vanity and Chelsea Overnight, Backpack or Packing cubes. This means you can build a full travel set and team things together to really look the part when standing at the airport baggage carousel. 

The Wordrobe Verdict 

Designed to be durable, this lightweight suitcase not only looks the part but is trust-worthy when it comes to a cabin bag that’ll store your belongings safely whilst also standing out in a crowd. Ideal for both leisure and business travellers, it’s time to go on the pull with the Clifton Cabin in Azure.

Try It Out
Priced at £170.00, shop via antler.co.uk

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Words by Sophie Ritchie, Editor

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