Alyn Williams at The Westbury’s Sailsbury Estate Venison, Spiced Pear, Celeriac & Blackberries


Tom Booton, Head Chef of Alyn Williams at The Westbury reveals his recipe for tender venison paired excellently with succulent flavours of autumn

• 150g venison loin
• 1 conference pear
• 1 celeriac
• 4 blackberries
• zest one orange
• 100ml double cream
• 100ml whole milk
• 150g butter
• 1 egg white
• 20g cinnamon
• 10 cloves
• 20g five spice
• 2 star anise
• 300g panko
• 50g coco nibs

1 For the spice rub on the pear, blitz together the cinnamon, cloves, five spice and star anise to a fine powder.
2 Peel the pear and roll in the spice mixture so the fruit is fully covered.
3 Then get a pan on with 50g butter and allow it to melt to an early brown butter stage, add the pear and cook for 3mins on every side. When the pear is cooked chill down and then ¼ cut to remove the core.
4 For the celeriac puree and circular disks on the pear, peel the celeriac and slice it into thin sheets. Cut out small circular disks with a cutter and blanch in salty water for 20secs, then refresh in ice water.
5 With all the trim, cook quickly in a pan with 50g butter without colour, add the milk and cream and cook out for 3mins then blitz to a smooth puree.
6 For the venison loin, blitz together the panko, coco nibs and orange zest to a fine powder, set aside.
7 Bring the venison loin to room temperature, season and roll in egg white then roll the in black crumb to stick.
8 Melt 50g butter in a pan, once melted you want the butter to be warm but not hot, easy way to tell is if you can put your finger in it. Once the pan Is ready, add the venison and set a 1min timer and turn every minute, a 150g piece should take 5-6mins. Add a meat spike to it if it’s a decent warm in the centre its ready to come out the pan and rest for a good 5mins.
9 Halve the blackberries and drop them in the meat juices at the last minute just to warm through and serve.

Recipe courtesy of Tom Booton, Head Chef of Alyn Williams at The Westbury

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