Adam Handling’s Salt-Baked Celeriac

Mother 1

Adam Handling shares his recipe for ‘Mother’, a salt-baked celeriac made with truffled cream cheese and soft dates

Serves 8

For the salt-baked celeriac:
• 1 celeriac

1 Clean the celeriac, making sure there is no mud on it.
2 Sprinkle generously with salt.
3 Bake at 180˚C for 2 hours (160˚C in a fan assisted oven).
4 Once baked, leave to cool and then peel off the skin and thinly slice the flesh.

For the cream cheese:
• I x 280g pack Philadelphia original cream cheese
• 1 teaspoon Truffle Oil
• Pinch of sugar

1 Whip cream cheese with a touch of truffle oil.
2 Season, and add sugar.

For the roast dates:
• 8 dates – stones removed
• 20g butter

1 Place the butter in a small saucepan and slowly heat up the dates.
2 Once heated, chop each date into smaller chunks.

For the yolks:
• 8 eggs

1 Soft boil 8 eggs in their shells for 4 minutes.
2 Place in ice cold water until cold.
3 Peel the eggs and discard the whites.
4 Keep yolks to one side.

To garnish
• Granny Smith apple, peeled and julienned
• Fresh Truffle

1 Season the sliced celeriac in salt and the butter from the dates.
2 On the centre of a plate, add a spoonful of cream cheese, then place the egg yolk on top.
3 Place the celeriac over the cheese and yolk to hide it – if you fold it on itself and layer it, it gives the dish a nice height.
4 Grate truffle directly onto the dish.
Dot on top and around the celeriac with the date pieces and julienned apple strips
6 Finish with a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Recipe courtesy of chef Adam Handling.
Find The Wordrobe’s interview with Adam here

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