7 Simple But Brilliant Beauty Hacks For Surviving Festival Season

Whether you’re heading to Glastonbury or camping out at Wilderness, here’s seven top beauty tips to feel and look your best during 2022 festival season

While nobody can deny that a fun-filled festival weekend is one of the best ways to spend summer, the sunshine and humidity can be the source of multiple inconveniences – turning your perfect pre-planned festival outfits into a SPF-smeared horror show of chafing legs, facial sweating, smeared makeup, watery eyes and greasy hair. 

With festival season in full (sweaty) swing, the experts at WeThrift have shared their seven top tips to feel and look your best, no matter what the British weather throws at you.

1 Use oil-free base products

Oil-based beauty products are the enemy when it comes to festivals. The combination of sunshine, dancing and the humidity of being surrounded by crowds of people, can cause your body to produce more oil in the skin. So, if you’re applying any base serums or moisturisers ahead of your beauty routine,  make sure to stick to oil-free to avoid overly-dewy skin. 

2 Tackle the chafing 

If you’ve got your festival outfit planned out in your head but worry about the extremely uncomfortable problem of chafing – then this one’s for you. Rubbing talcum powder into the area of skin prone to chafing will dry the area out and prevent sore patches, rashes and in some cases broken skin. You can also wear a pair of cycling shorts underneath your outfit to give you an additional layer of protection. 

3 Opt for waterproof eye makeup

Sun and heat can often cause watery eyes and therefore the dreaded mascara and eyeliner run. Not only does this look unsightly, but it can also be really uncomfortable. Using waterproof eye makeup is a great way to combat this and keep your eyes looking flawless and avoid any makeup seeping into the eyes.

4 Pack all the sweatbands

Whether you’re going for the boho vibe with a floppy straw hat or you’re throwing it back to the 90s with a bucket hat – hats are the perfect way to conceal a sweatband. Wearing a sweatband around your hairline underneath your hat will stop any sweat from your head from dripping down onto your face and ruining your makeup. 

5 Secure with a spritz

A setting spray is an essential festival must-have to secure your makeup in place. It’s the most effective way to ensure your makeup doesn’t budge when the sun kicks in and your body starts producing excess sweat.

6 Two words. Dry shampoo

Greasy hair at a summer festival is practically a given unless you have dry shampoo to hand. Covering a multitude of sins, dry shampoo removes the greasy shine on your hair and gives it a new lease of life, at least an extra couple of days.

7 Trade your foundation for something lighter 

Most foundations can be extremely heavy on the skin and if you’re in a hot and humid environment like a festival, this can lead to increased facial sweating and the dreaded ‘SULA’ (sweaty upper lip alert). Replacing your foundation with a BB cream or tinted moisturiser is a lighter way to get full coverage without clogging your pores.   

Find more tips via wethrift.com/sephora.

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