5 Recipes For World Chocolate Day

Undeniably one of the best days of the calendar year, there’s no better time for a bite of something sweet than World Chocolate Day (7 July 2022). From the decadently delicious to the healthier takes on the classics, these five recipes are perfect for chocoholics across the world

1 Linda Lomelino’s Chocolate Ice Cream Pops With Pistachios

Summer = all the ice cream. These creamy ice cream pops from Linda Lomelino are almost like eating chocolate pudding on a stick.

2 Peggy Porschen’s Chocolate Heaven Cupcakes

Work stress, be gone. Bake the afternoon away with a delicious batch of these rich chocolate cupcakes from cupcake queen Peggy Porschen.

3 Naomi Buff’s Raw Chocolate Cheesecake

Naomi Buff’s raw chocolate cheesecake is a deliciously dairy-free creation made with cacao, Medjool dates and lashings of maple syrup.

4 Darren Purchese’s Salted Caramel & Milk Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Cream

Lashings of salted caramel, cream and milk chocolate – now this is what we call a cake.

5 Kathy Slack’s Beetroot, Tahini & Almond Brownies

Kathy Slack shares her recipe for broodingly dark brownies with mouth-watering morsels of solid chocolate hidden within.

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