4 Boozy Love Potions For Valentine’s Day At Home

The day of love is nearly upon us and although we might not be able to enjoy our favourite cocktails in a chic lounge bar with our loved one this Valentine’s Day, why not bring the bar to you and create five-star serves in your own lounge?

From an eye-catching way to serve up Champagne to a passionate cocktail direct from a Hotel Eden’s Il Giardino rooftop bar in Rome, mix up the perfect romantic potion with these suave sips

1 Champagne Bureau UK’s Flower Crown

Nothing says romance like Champagne and flowers! Here, Champagne Bureau UK showcase a beautiful way to serve up this iconic wine.

• 125ml of your favourite, chilled Champagne!

1 Paint a thin line of honey in a diagonal line around the outside of the glass using a flat brush.
2 Stick on your edible flowers, or petals of choice (rose petals could work well for Valentine’s) then pop open your Champagne and pour! Watch ‘how to’ video here

2 Terre Blanche’s La Vie En Rose

Terre Blance, a five-star Provence hotel pays tribute to French Art de Vivre, a perfect way for celebrating Valentine’s day with your loved one.

• 50ml vodka         
• 240ml St Germain liqueur
• 150ml Monin rose syrup
• 400ml Perrier
• 100ml Mumm rosé Champagne      

1 Place ice cubes in a cocktail shaker then add, in the following order the vodka, St Germain liquer & Monin rose syrup.
2 Close the shaker and shake for a few minutes. Pour in the Perrier and rosé Champagne. You cocktail is ready to be served in a cocktail glass!

3 Hotel Eden’s La Grande Bellezza

La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty), is perfect to drink with your other half on Valentine’s Day. Inspired by the synonymous Oscar winning film by Sorrentino. (See image here.)

• 60 ml Martini rosato (infused with tamarind pulp)
• 20 ml Tequila
• 5 ml Mezcal
• 2 dashes of mandarin & Bob’s orange bitter
• Violet flowers to garnish
• 2 ice cubes

1 Infuse Martini rosato with tamarind pulp (750 ml with 100g) leave infused for 3/4 days. 
2 Prepare the cocktail by pouring all the ingredients into a bottle, which you can keep in the refrigerator. 
3 Use a mixing glass and decant 90 ml of pre-batched cocktail using a stirrer and strainer and pour into a coupe glass add two ice cubes and decorate with violet flowers.

4 Hotel Byblos’ Byblos Royal

Take them to St Tropez with a sip of this magical creation. From the hotel founded on love – Hotel Byblos was originally founded in 1967, by Lebanese businessman Jean-Prosper Gay-Para in the attempt to woo French actress Brigitte Bardot – what better cocktail to drink on the day of love than the hotel’s twist on the classic Kir Royale?

• 25ml cherry liqueur
• 25ml ginger liqueur
• Champagne Brut Rosé
• Fresh strawberries (garnish)
• Fresh Mint (garnish)
• Lime Wedge (garnish)

1 Mix the cherry and ginger liqueur and top up with Champagne Brut Rosé.
2 Garnish with fresh raspberries, mint and a lime wedge

Recipes and images courtesy of mentioned hotels

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