3 Reasons To Eat More Fruit

If I was stuck on a desert island for the rest of my days and could only eat one thing, it would be fruit. 

Recently, I’ve been incorporating more and more fresh fruit into my diet and have been staying clear of meat/dairy products – and I’ve noticed SUCH a difference. I’m no nutritional expert, but here’s three of the main benefits I’ve noticed since going a little bananas…

1 It improves your skin



Fruits such as berries are jam-packed with antioxidants. They’re high in anthocyanin, which is great for clearing skin and defeating blemishes.

Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries are full of it – my favourites!

I still eat lots of other foods, but since swapping my usual breakfast for berries (normally to save time) my skin has really improved.


2 More energy

Since adding more fruit into my diet I’ve noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and concentration. I can work for much longer periods of time and I don’t get mood swings like so often did in the past.

I also used to get really lethargic around 2pm, which has completely stopped. Naps are a thing of the past.

3 Less mess



I don’t know about you, but I like food that’s hassle-free and easy to eat – especially when I’m on the move (which is all the time).

Fruit needs hardly any preparing, can’t be burned and is so MUCH easier to clean up than a pan of scrambled eggs in the morning.



Well, there you have it. Try swapping your usual snack or breakfast for a few plates of fresh fruit and see how you feel. Forget the sun this summer – it’s the fruit I’ll be worshipping.

Sophie x

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