3 Experts’ Tips On Hair Styling At Home


The Wordrobe speaks with three leading hair experts for their tips, tricks and product lust-haves for keeping tresses in top form during these long months of self-isolation at home

1  Jon Wilsdon, International Artistic Director, TONI&GUY
Current North Western Hairdresser of the Year 20/21


“With everyone having to rethink their normal grooming regimes whilst being at home in isolation, an easy trick for keeping hair presentable would be to work on enhancing your natural texture with movement.

Think ‘down-time’ styling with minimum fuss, by using the opportunity this presents, to maximise your hair’s condition by avoiding heat and instead look to more conditioning products where you can leave the hair to dry naturally. 

My tip would be to divide hair into bigger sections, apply a leave-in conditioner and create simple plaits or twists and secure at the ends with elastic.  Leave to air-dry, unravel and there you have a looser, natural wave for an effortless feel.”

Jon recommends: label.m’s Diamond Dust Leave In conditioner

2 Catarina Pinhao, Secret Spa hair stylist


Secret Spa is an app that provides mobile beauty services to your home and is loved by celebrities like Mollie King, Vogue Williams and Amanda Holden.

Here, expert Catarina shares her tips to the perfect home salon blow dry and how to style your hair for those Zoom conference calls. 

How to get that salon blowout at home
Products are very important so make sure you have a good styling lotion or good setting spray options such as:

Styling Lotion: Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Resurfacing Reinforcing Milk
Setting Spray: Wella Eimi Perfect Setting Spray

Put this product in your hair then blow dry it. For that big bouncy full body effect, blow-dry rollers are the best, you can leave the rollers in for hours and even go to bed with them in if you’d like to leave them in for longer.

However, if you have already blowdried your hair, after you’ve finished, put hair in topknot with a clip so it doesn’t mark the hair and keeps the roots up for a glamorous finish.”

Easy impressers for home conference calls 
“A high ponytail – not too sleek but high, it’s a professional look but very easy to put together. Try a braid – this works well because if you sleep in it comes out as a wave blow dry, so works as a two in one hairstyle.”

Oil it up
A good hair oil is always essential, I recommended Shu Uemura Essence Absolue or for a less expensive option, coconut oil works really well.”

Catarina recommends: Shu Uemura Essence Absolue

3 Tatiana Karelina, London’s #1 hair extensionist
Salon owner of Tatiana Hair extensions in London, Manchester & LA


Queen of the hair extension, Tatiana has worked with the likes of Ariana Grande, Emma Thompson, Sarah Lancashire and is considered London’s #1 hair extensionist in London with a huge client base. Here, she shares her methods for keeping hair long, thick and luscious.

On making time for self-care
“Since our social schedule is not so packed at the moment, and we work and live from home indefinitely, there is plenty of time for self care.

Don’t ignore your hair – because if you want those long, thick tresses to look their best, it’s essential to give them just as much consideration as you do your skin.

After all, a set of gorgeous, luscious hair extensions is the perfect accessory to a nice bikini and a warm, summer glow (dreaming of a summer holiday already)

When it comes to hair the first thing to implement is to try and not over-wash your hair: over-washing can be very damaging  especially for bleached, coloured, chemically treated or naturally very dry porous hair. “

Less foam, more action
“Our hair’s natural oils are designed to condition and protect your tresses, so when you shampoo daily, it strips these vital oils away. It creates a vicious cycle of over-production of oils and a need to shampoo very often. Ideally, to keep your hair healthy, you only need to wash two to three times a week.

With plenty of time on our hands (in between Netflix and home schooling sessions) think of deep hydration. If style your hair with heat, you will already know the benefits of using a deep hydrating treatments to replenish any lost moisture.

A favourite DIY of ours is gently warmed in a pan olive or avocado oil. Those are rich in Vitamin E and when applied, wrapped in a warm towel and left on the hair for a while do wonders for your natural hair and extensions.”

Keep it au natural
“Go natural as often as you can. Your hair needs a rest from hairdryers, straighteners, curling tongs – use this time to let your hair recuperate.

If possible, let your hair air dry, avoid heated products, and keep it out of a tight ponytail to avoid any unnecessary pulling on the hair shaft. Instead of tight hair bands use a soft scrunchie.

Instead of curling plait your hair overnight, instead of sleeking those annoying flyaways with hairspray or hair paste use plenty of hair conditioner. In other words, sometimes you just have to let your hair chill a little.

If you are due for your hair extensions maintenance and you feel like your hair extensions have grown out and start clamping together at the root – try and separate the strands. After each hair wash briefly go through the roots with your fingers and try to pull apart those  clamped together apart.”

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