Tech Threads: Desigual Announces First Made-To-Order Collection Fully Powered by AI

One small step for man, one giant leap for the fashion industry. The Spanish fashion brand Desigual is introducing its first on-demand collection, with pieces devised through the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and its creative team

Catering to the demand of innovative trends and tech-powered fashion,Desigual has announced an exciting new collection with garments and accessories crafted using AI tools.

The project aims to build on Desigual’s existing Awesome Lab program, an open innovation program through which the label works with startups on technological innovations and carries out proofs of concept.

The garments can only be ordered online, starting with the Spanish domestic market, Germany, France, and Italy, with plans for further market expansion down the line. Unlike standard shopping, the items will only be produced after they are ordered and will take an average of 90 days to create – much longer than the usual online shopping experience.

According to the Swiss boss and founder of the Spanish fashion brand, Desigual responds to industry trends in a manner that is more consistent with its values. On-demand production has rarely been adopted by large-scale global brands so far, thus, the new initiative aims to be more ‘anti-fast fashion’ whilst keeping up with the trends.

“By creating garments and accessories on demand, we can experiment with reducing inventory and test new ways to reach customers,” commented Thomas Meyer, Desigual’s founder.

Image credit: Desigual

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