Statement Investment Pieces That Improve With Age: The Low Down

If you’re considering selling an investment piece or a family heirloom, these useful tips could help you keep those assets not only in prime condition but of prime value too.

The UK is an increasingly difficult place in which to make an honest living. This unfortunate fact has been borne out by the actions of successive Conservative governments over the past 14 years, wherein cuts to public services and a reliance on privatised services has cultivated the ideal environment for cost inflation.

While millions of families continue to struggle on the breadline, things are scarcely starting to improve. There is some respite, though, in the form of the various resale markets in which the sale of previously-dear-held heirlooms can fetch a pretty price – and even appreciate value. But which materials are more likely to do so? 

Common Investment Pieces

Statement Investment Pieces That Improve With Age

Investment pieces are not stereotypical in nature – though it is true that there are some pieces preceded by their reputation as valuable items. Some such items are watches, which can command an especially high price even as well-used and antiquated items. Major-league brands like Rolex and Tag Heuer dominate advert spaces and commercial fixtures on sports television, but even less-accoladed brands can afford high prices in the used market.

This truth extends far beyond timepieces, into the world of quintessential luxuries. Diamonds and other such vintage stones are well regarded in collectors’ circles, to say nothing of the rabid market held aloft by casual wearers and other jewellery owners. Stone provenance plays into value a great deal here, as do essential considerations like weight and condition.

Why Do Pieces Appreciate in Value?

Statement Investment Pieces That Improve With Age: The Low Down

It is one thing to acknowledge the worth of particular investment pieces, but it is something else entirely to acknowledge their growth potential. Investment pieces like watches and necklaces do not exist in a vacuum; rather, their value is impacted by the industry around them, and by the grace with which they age.

On the most basic of levels, items appreciate in value according to their age. As items age, their contemporaries grow rarer and rarer, making them the best example of their type for a given era. If kept in good quality, they can outlive many of their common successors, making them uniquely valuable within their field.

Looking After Your Pieces of Value

Statement Investment Pieces That Improve With Age: The Low Down

Looking after your valuables, then, is a paramount concern for protecting their potential value – precious heirloom or not. There are various ways you can keep your valuables close, none of which necessarily cost the earth.

For one, you might consider installing a video doorbell. These have become a commonality in neighbourhoods across the country, and are a highly efficient way to deter potential breakings-and-enterings. You might also consider installing on-site proximity sensors, in order to trigger lights or even alarms in the event of a potential trespassing. Finally, you might think about keeping your valuables in pick-proof safe storage to prevent easy theft should someone manage to break in after all.

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