Premium accessories to enhance your style

In the world of fashion, detail is everything. Here are four luxury accessories that will revolutionise your clothing collection…

Are you searching for a way to upgrade your look? The secret to transforming an outfit lies in the accessories. Impactful pieces like bright jewellery and sizeable bags have the power to take your dress from dull to daring in seconds.

Why choose premium pieces to enhance your style? Because the devil is in the detail, and expert craftsmanship and exceptional design are what will set your fashion apart. Here are four luxury accessories that will revolutionise your clothing collection.

Statement jewellery

Statement jewellery are pieces that are deliberately eye-catching. This might be because they are colourful and sparkly, an unusual shape or design, or simply due to their sheer size. 

The best way to incorporate statement jewellery into your look is to use it to dress up a simple piece of clothing such as a plain black dress. Avoid matching with patterned clothes as this will create a fight for focus rather than letting the jewellery do the talking. 

Jewellery is also a great way to highlight your best features or certain elements of the outfit. For example, a choker or dangly earrings will draw attention to the face, shoulders, and neckline.

Silk scarves

For formal events, silk scarves are a sophisticated addition to an outfit. These exude a sense of old-world elegance and are suitable to wear across a variety of seasons. 

In the autumn and winter, the scarf can be tied around the neck for warmth and to add vibrancy to a dark coat or blazer. In the spring and summer, try tying the scarf in your hair or around your wrist for a touch of bohemian chic. You could also use it as a light shawl at an outdoor wedding.

An elegant watch

Accessories are not always just about the look – many double-up to be useful as well. One accessory that perfectly blends fashion with function is an elegant watch.

Modern manufacturers take pride in creating models which combine style with excellent timekeeping, such as the Grand Seiko watches that seek to ‘sparkle with quality’. The great variety of designs on offer means that it’s easy to find a style that suits your dress sense and personality. 

Watches also have the ability to enhance your lifestyle. Many premium brands offer models with water resistance and non-slip straps for sporting endeavours, as well as smartwatches that can be used to keep you connected while on the go.

Classic sunglasses

Planning to stand out? Sunglasses will give you an air of celebrity which is a sure-fire way to get you noticed at any event. Dramatic eyewear is the key to turning a look, no matter which style of sunglasses you choose.

There are a variety of classic sunglasses designs to choose from, so be creative! Channel your inner rebel with an oversized pair or go uber-feminine with cat-eye frames that were made popular by Audrey Hepburn – and more recently, Margot Robbie in the film Barbie

Make sure that your sunglasses safeguard your eyes as well as elevating your outfit. Choose high-end brands which offer premium protection such as a UV filter which is one of the essentials for safety when in the sun.

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