Footballer James Tavernier On Reaching Your Full Fitness Potential

Footballer James Tavernier has teamed up with sportswear brand Castore to share his top tips on reaching your full potential ahead of National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day, on 20th September, is the biggest celebration of the year for fitness enthusiasts. The awareness day encourages the nation to get moving and highlights the role sporting activity plays on your mental and physical heath. 

To mark this occasion, premium sportswear brand, Castore, has launched a new specialist collection to encourage the UK to improve their fitness habits and lead a healthy lifestyle, engineered using lightweight, quick-drying and high stretch fabrications that ensure freedom of movement and breathability, encouraging athletes to discover what they’re capable of.

The brand has also partnered with newly appointed brand ambassador James Tavernier, captain of Scottish Premiership club Rangers, to share his top tips on maintaining peak fitness throughout the entire season and beyond.  

James Tavernier, Castore brand ambassador, said: “As a professional footballer our physical health needs to be in top shape at all times, however it’s important to not only look good but feel good too.”

Tip 1: Invest In Quality Gear 

“Investing in quality sportswear is essential for both comfort and performance during physical activities. 

“Consider your specific sporting needs – for me, it’s football. Different exercises require distinct sportswear, so choose wisely based on what you’re engaging in. Opt for moisture-wicking materials that offer breathability and ensure the items fit perfectly to enhance mobility.”

Tip 2: Set Clear Goals 

“Establishing clear goals in sports and within day-to-day life is crucial for motivation and improvement. Firstly, make your goals specific and measurable and avoid setting goals that are vague. It’s also important to make these goals realistic and achievable within your current skill level and time frame, otherwise it could lead to frustration.

“I always find regularly reviewing my goals helps me to adjust them when needed. Clear and well-defined targets provide direction, helping you to excel in your chosen sporting activity.”

Tip 3: Stay Hydrated 

“Staying hydrated as a professional athlete is paramount for optimal performance and overall wellbeing. 

“For me, I ensure I’m hydrated pre, during and post workout. Pay close attention to your body’s signals, if you’re feeling thirsty it’s usually a sign that you’re already dehydrated so drink before you reach that point. Following a football match, I will replenish the fluids lost through sweat by drinking more water and consuming hydrating foods such as fruit and vegetables.   

“Staying hydrated is key to sustaining energy and prevents heat-related issues, allowing you to perform to your best potential.”  

Tip 4: Vary Your Training Routine

“As someone who has been on the field for years, I can’t stress enough how important it is to vary your daily training routine. 

“First and foremost, mix up your drills and don’t stick to the same exercises every day. Challenge yourself with new ones to keep your body adapting and improving. A varied training routine not only keeps you motivated but ultimately helps you become a more versatile and skilled player.” 

Tip 5: Recovery Matters

“Sporting does not come without its setbacks! Recovery is a cornerstone of success for any footballer or sporting enthusiast. It includes rest, nutrition, and sleep to help aid in muscle growth and stamina development – and ultimately improving overall endurance and performance. 

“Take time out of your training and fitness routines for adequate recovery to allow your body to repair itself and reduce the risk of injuries that can sideline you for weeks or even months! 

“Recovery is not just about physical health, but also essential for my mental rejuvenation. It allows me to clear my mind, reduce stresses and stay focussed on the next match.”

For more information about Tavernier’s partnership and to browse Castore’s Rise collection, please visit the website here: 

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