Thirst Quenchers

Stay off the sauce with these delicious teetotal tipples.

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Livin The Vida Loca

No alcohol, no pressure – pull back the lid on a Vida Loca Mockarita instead. Serve ice cold into a cocktail glass with a salt rim for the perfect party finish – it’ll be our little secret. £26.99 via

Bean There, Done That

Sun Downers


Free from sugar, colourants & fake flavours, this spice-powered triple-distilled spirit is made with nine hand-sourced botanicals, many of which are indigenous to South Africa.
£27.00 via

Sprigster Non-Alcoholic Botanical Liquor

FLUÉRE Original Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit

Think crisp gin without the alcohol. This is bursting with coriander, lime peel, lavender, juniper, freshness and a very gin-like bite.
£25.00 via

Life in the Fizz Lane

J’aime Original Kombucha

Founded and developed by an entrepreneurial female duo, this stylish kombucha is made in small batch production and brewed in such a way that zero sugar remains. Picture well-balanced acidity with a finish reminiscent of fine sparkling wine. 
£17.70 via


Rather wine-derful, this drink draws its perfume and refined flavours from English Pinot Noir grape skins, gently macerated in organic apple cider vinegar.  Enjoy hints of red cherry and raspberry on the palate & a long, dry finish. £10.00 via


Unlike most booze-free alternatives, Wild Idol has never contained alcohol. Produced using exceptional grapes and the purest winemaking techniques possible, Wild Idol is vegan, gluten-free, and practically calorie-free to boot. £35.00 via

Everleaf Spritz

A range of aperitifs made with all the depth, aroma and flavour of the natural world, these new cans are available in each of Everleaf’s three beautiful botanical expressions,  providing the perfect light and refreshing drink. £30.00,

Square Root non-alcoholic mixed drinks set

These refreshing sodas are made with "ingredients you’d find in your kitchen, not ingredients you can’t even pronounce". In fact, each sin-free flavour is made seasonally to ensure the fruit is at its freshest.  £13.00 via

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