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The Wellness Edit: Autumn 2023

From workout gear that will evoke 'oohs' and products that'll help you reach you full fitness (and finesse) potential, discover The Wordrobe's latest wellness edit for autumn 2023.



Swiss brand Amada puts the fun back in fitness – and this Anastasia flared leg jumpsuit is ideal for making a statement, whether you’re heading to pilates or simply your local juice bar. 

Crafted from the brand’s bestselling super-soft airbrush fabric, you’ll want to live in this overall forever. This flattering jumpsuit features a super sexy low-back-cut with adjustable straps and removable pads. Perfect for lounging about during the day as well as light movements, available in off-white or chic black. 

£123.00, shop via

 Hyperice’s Normatec Lower Legs  

Take it on the shin. Hyperice, a global high-performance wellness brand has launched the Normatec Lower Legs. Fully portable and offering mobile dynamic air massage for users on-the-go, the Normatec Lower Legs deliver the most unique user experience within the market, with seven levels of customisable massage and Bluetooth® enabled controls via the Hyperice App . 

Backed by the same science that powers the original Normatec system, the Normatec Lower Legs is completely portable and delivers dynamic air massage to the calf muscles to maintain flexibility and reduce muscle tension in the legs. More massage, more movement, more momentum. 

RRP £429.00, shop via

Liforme Cosmic Moon Yoga Mat

Providing the ultimate non-slip surface for your yoga practice, this gorgeous mat from the experts at Liforme will be the envy of every Yogi in the room.

Staying grippy even when ‘sweaty-wet’ for a safe and stable practice, the Liforme Cosmic Moon Yoga Mat features a radiant Moon System AlignForMe® guide printed in five non-toxic, durable eco-friendly ink colours.

The intelligent markers printed on the mat provides as much or as little navigational help as you need, so whether you're an expert or just starting out, you'll feel confident and secure. Plus, it just looks pretty beautiful too.

RRP £140.00, shop via

The Ember Tumbler 

Things are heating up. An award-winning range of sleek and portable cups, Ember use cutting edge, patented technology to set the perfect temperature for hot drinks for up to three hours! No more tepid coffees when you set off for work. 

Brand new to the family, meet the Ember Tumbler. Controlled by a nifty app, the mug allows you to set the precise temperature of your chosen hot drink between 50°C to 62.5 °C which is maintained for up to 3 hours, saving time and money on the morning commute, as well as being a brilliant re-usable coffee cup. Bottom’s up! 

RRP £199.95, shop via

SPORTY & RICH Wellness slogan-print cotton-jersey sweatshirt

Comfiness has never felt so chic. This logo-laden offering is the perfect layer for everything from your early-morning miles to cosy self-care evenings. And just in case you forget, it stamps its mantra 'Exercise, Eat Well, Sleep More' on the back for all to see. You know, just in case anyone might miss what a wellness worshipper you are. Team it with leggings or amp up the Princess Diana vibes with a pair of cycle shorts. 

RRP £120.00, shop via

Subtle Energies’ Gym Buddy Bundle

When the training gets tough, the tough get recovering. This Gym Buddy Bundle is the ideal post-workout collection to help with muscle recovery and rejuvenation, assisting with the body’s natural detoxifying and immune boosting process leaving you feeling fresh and energised after any workout. 

The Bundle Includes a sulphate-free Rasayana Body Wash 250ml, award-winning Muscle Ease Massage Blend 50ml, an aromatic Natural Deodorant 125ml and 10 x Rasayana Inhalation Patches, featuring a powerful complex of essential oils that helps to maintain energy and focus throughout the day. 

RRP from £150.00, shop via

Crazy Nutrition’s 100% Tri-Protein Banana Flavour

Protein that Gwen Stefani herself would adore. This protein has it all – it packs a fruity punch, it’ll help you feel stronger and recover faster, even better it promises no bloating or cramps…introducing Crazy Nutrition’s 100% Tri-Protein in a limited-edition Banana flavour. 

Packing a punch with over 25g protein and less than 110 calories per serving, expect no fillers, nor faff and all flavour with this non-GMO recipe.

 RRP £54.99, with subscribers unlocking a 30% discount on all orders. Shop via


Legology's CELLU-LITE Salon Secret Cellulite Oil For Legs

Hello beautifully smooth legs. This clever oil targets bump-prone zones differently to everyone else, hitting it with the brand’s LYMPHOLOGY® AROMATIC COMPLEX, a mighty mix of deep detox aromatherapy oils which aid massage to free the fluid that gets trapped between fat cells, pushing them out of line and creating the bumpiness known as cellulite. 

There’s no real secret to shifting cellulite: you just need to move the trapped fluid by massaging this genius detox oil into thighs and buttocks – anywhere you have cellulite – to help stimulate skin leaving it smoother and cleaner. This useful oil aids the process perfectly.

In conclusion, a true anti cellulite hero.

£62.50, shop via

BetterYou’s Fitness Fanatics Bundle

As the cold weather rolls around, we all know that prioritising recovery is key to staying fit and injury-free. 

This useful bundle provides everything you need to help our muscles work harder and recover quicker.

Containing 3 key products for fitness and recovery, the bundle provides nutrients to support our internal organs in a variety of ways, helping transport oxygen around the bloodstream, as well playing a role in building muscle.

  • B-Complete Oral Spray
  • Magnesium Muscle Bath Flakes
  • Magnesium Muscle Body Spray

Currently on offer at £27.95 (normally £36.85). Shop via

Kineon's Move+ Pro

If you're a gadget fan, you're going to love this. Kineon is a ground-breaking biotech company on a mission to transform how we approach chronic pain and recovery through cutting-edge light therapy products. 

It has unveiled the world's first at-home Red Light + Laser Photo-biomodulation devices, harnessing the potent healing properties of red light to address inflammation, pain, and injuries with unparalleled effectiveness.

Kineon's Move+ Pro is designed to expedite recovery, reduce pain, and alleviate inflammation – all while providing the convenience of on-the-go treatments.

Red light therapy, backed by over 6,000 clinical studies, taps into the healing potential of specific wavelengths of red light. Kineon's devices have been meticulously engineered to deliver light therapy at the correct wavelength, amplitude, and dosage, offering a range of benefits stimulating healing in muscular tissues and enhancing the recovery and regrowth of connective tissues, including cartilage, ligaments, and tendons - plus plenty of other incredible benefits. 

RRP £395.00. Shop via

Amada’s Gaelle Top Green/White And Gaia Leggings Green/White

A workout set so stylish, you’ll feel like you’re sweating it out in Cannes every time you pull it on.

The GAIA leggings feature a sculpting high waistline and heart-shaped back, with a dose of white detail for some added luxe. 

Pair it with the matching GAELLE top to complete that effortless sporty & chic look, featuring buttersoft fabric and removable cups for an easy, comfortable look. Pilates will never have felt so poised. 

RRP GAELLE top, £69.00. Shop via GAIA leggings, RRP £77.00. Shop via

TOMO's Pretty in Pink Glam Bottle

Sprinkle pink power in your life with this limited-edition bottle design. Unmissable, this Pretty in Pink design captures the world’s dreamiest color in all its glory. 

Whether you’re about town or simply parked up at the office desk, this crystal-studded beauty will keep you in the pink of health forever.

Made with superior 316 stainless steel for unmatched quality, the double insulation keeps drinks cold/hot for 24/12 hours. Plus, it's undeniably eye-catching with 4000+ sparkling AAA glass crystals.

£122.00, shop via

Mildred’s Easy Vegan Recipe Book

Plant-based restaurant group, Mildreds, has recently released Mildreds Easy Vegan. Drawing on their wealth of experience and creativity in vegan cooking, the new cookbook brings together an incredible collection of more than 100 recipes, each one accessible, delicious and, above all, easy.

Wasserman’s standout dishes from the book include the Beetroot Tempeh Smash Burger, a simple way to use tempeh making a lovely thin patty, perfect for a nutritious but indulgent burger.

There’s also the light and refreshing Thai Basil Salad with vegan prik nam pla, offering a great way to celebrate strong summer flavours and can easily be adapted for other seasonal products. And for something sweet, the Caramel Cookie Cheesecake is a no bake version of one of Mildreds long standing bestselling desserts that can be put together at home in minutes.

£26.00, shop via

Spellbound's State of Zen Chocolate

Health-conscious chocolate? Dreams do come true. Meticulously crafted with plant-based, gluten-free ingredients, Spellbound offers handcrafted botanical delicacies infused with nature's finest. 

Formulated by naturopathic experts and masterfully crafted by a selection of the finest confectioners, each Spellbound delicacy is a symphony of flavour.

Move over CBD - our favourite of the four, the raw dark chocolate State Of ZEN, is uniquely charged to dim the mind’s stress receptors while turning on the taste buds.

Designed by naturopathic stress experts, this delicacy fuses scientifically proven botanicals to settle tension and alleviate anxiety.

£3.50 for two chocolates. Shop via


MOAK’s Restorative set 

The arrival of colder weather doesn’t have to mean dull and dehydrated skin.

The perfect detox for your winter facial renewal, this Restorative Set from the skincare experts at MOAK has been formulated to fight the side effects of autumnal and winter weather. 

An exfoliating and hyrdrating trio to gently buff away dead skin cells and reveal your radiance, leaving skin moistursied and restored.

MOAK provides a holistic regimen designed to support the skin’s natural healing ability. In a world filled with chemicals, MOAK ingredients are completely natural, potent and powerful.  

RRP £115.00, shop via

Prym Health's Energy Gummies

The onset of winter often brings with it Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression linked to reduced sunlight exposure. Prym Health presents a timely solution with their Energy Gummies, fortified with Vitamin D, the 'sunshine vitamin.' By addressing deficiencies and promoting mood regulation, these gummies provide a powerful defense against SAD.

Shop via

Panache Sport Ultimate Sports Bra – Abstract Animal

Unleash your inner animal during that next training session with Panache’s Ultimate sports bra, the perfect choice for ladies with a D+ cup. The super smooth shape and flat seams work to accent your silhouette, not flatten it.

Reducing breast movement by up to 83%, this sports bra is perfect no matter the sport or activity! This sports bra allows you to feel supported and comfortable so is a firm favourite.

RRP £45.00, shop via

Legology's AIR-LITE Contouring Cream For Legs

Small but mighty. Legology’s award-winning leg cream offers fabulous deep drainage, created by a genius French chemist with founder Kate for the ideal dose of lower limb rejuvenation. 

Whipped like aerated meringue, Air-Lite targets puffiness and as a result, intensifies leg contours. Powered by Legology’s unique LYMPHOLOGY COMPLEX®, it contains two potent French complexes to aid lymph and circulation flow which subsequently brings instant contour and comfort to legs. 

Similarly, the cream’s deep drainage properties also help reduce cellulite by express releasing areas of trapped fluid, making skin look smoother and cleaner. Lightness is just an application away. 

In other words, Air-Lite visibly improves the way legs look and feel. You’ll see a new silhouette and feel a lightness that makes you want to fly.

RRP from £45.00 for 100ml, shop via

adidas Yoga Tote Bag 

The adidas Yoga Tote Bag is the ultimate companion for active yogis who are always on the move. It can easily hold yoga mats up to 10mm in thickness and offers additional space for all your essential accessories.

This spacious yoga bag is equipped with both interior and exterior pockets, perfect for safely stowing away items like your phone, keys, and yoga straps. Its robust moisture-resistant inner lining simplifies cleaning, and the eco-friendly design utilises recycled textiles. The bag is thoughtfully designed with metal zippers and carrying straps for maximum convenience.

£29.99, shop via

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