A Balancing Act

The 10 Best Products for
Female Hormone Health

Luxury Lifestyle

Free Soul's Chocolate Caramel & Peanut Protein Bars

These protein bars use plant-based protein derived from 3 natural sources to ensure a complete amino-acid profile. Created specifically for the unique needs of women, bite into real dark chocolate with no added nasties. £18.99 via herfreesoul.com

Go Nuts

Pills & Potions

This clever supplement restores balance through a science-led formula that helps regulate healthy periods & reduce the typical unwanted PMS side effects – such as bloating, mood swings, headaches & more. Plus, a double whammy – the elixir can help aid the processing of sugar and carbohydrate, supporting healthier blood sugar. £35.00 via welleco.co.uk

Starpowa Hormone Balance Vitamin 30 Gummies Starpowa Hormone Balance Vitamin Gummies

YOUR SUPER Moon Balance

A powerful mix of ayurvedic herbs and adaptogens, designed specifically for women. Swap your usual coffee for a rose-hued latte and reap the natural benefits of maca, shatavari & hibiscus. £22.90 via yoursuper.co.uk 


Does what it says on the lid - these Hormone + PMS hard capsules contain Chaste Tree (a widely-known flowering plant used for its menstrual-aiding properties) to maintain healthy reproductive hormones and blood glucose, plus magnesium for muscle relaxation.
£32.00 via

Shakes, Sips & Squeezes

TRIMBELLLA’S Chocolate & Banana shakes

A sparklingly new line of nutritional shakes for women, think super smooth, delicious and plant-based drinks that can be used to achieve weight loss goals, boost energy levels and aid muscle recovery. Eco-friendly, the fully-recyclable packaging is just the sweet sustainable finish. £27.99 via trimbella.com

ANCIENT + BRAVE’s True Collagen sachets

Ideal for an easy body boost, this pure, grass-fed bovine collagen is proven to help with everything from hydration, digestion and sleep, to blemishes and nail strength. Plus, no nasty aftertaste either - it’s highly absorbable, odourless and tasteless too.
£19.99 via selfridges.com


 Perfect for looking after yourself on the go, each 10ml marine collagen serving is packed with protein and essential amino acids. This special formula is also infused with vitamin C, which works synergistically with marine collagen for optimum rejuvenation and tissue renewal.£32.99 via absolutecollagen.com.


Drink up -  strengthening your skin from within, this bio-fermented probiotic elixir helps to boost your skin's natural collagen production, increasing elasticity for a plumped, radiant complexion. Made with grape seed extract, zinc and vitamin C, it not only helps skin look smoother and firmer, but utilises a hefty dose of certified organic maqui berry, acai, papaya, blueberry, goji berry and pomegranate (yes, quite a mouthful) to leave you feeling more energised and stronger in the bargain. £32.00 via cultbeauty.co.uk


This superhuman serum is perfect for treating fragile hair prone to hormonal hair loss as this science-based potion effectively stimulates and strengthens hair for fuller and thicker, healthy locks. By combining high-grade natural ingredients with first-rate scientific rigour, Davines’ founders the Bollati family have expanded their Parmese research laboratory into a multi-national hair care business brimming with Cult classics.

£60.70 via cultbeauty.co.uk

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