Where To Find The World’s Best Bubble Stays

Move over glamping and forgo the five-star hotels – there’s no better way to experience a sky brimming with stars than in a transparent bubble stay.

This summer has us dreaming of breaking out of our bubble – discover The Wordrobe’s pick of the globe’s best bubble escapes to visit in 2021

1 Attrap’ Rêves, France


A family-run business in France, Attrap’ Rêves offers six different bubble ‘cocoons’ complete with individual decor and 350-degree views. Talk about a room with a view. Even better, the estate is also entirely eco-friendly.

There’s also a nearby main building which provides meals, telescopes with star charts, an outdoor jacuzzi, and other amenities.

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Wallet: Prices start from $170 per night. Find out more here.

2 Dome Garden, England

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Get back to basics and nestle up in nature with this eco-friendly stay in Gloucestershire. Reputed for being one of the best glamping getaways in the UK, this contemporary hamlet of 11 dome tents offer the beauty of an outdoor life with a luxuries of an upscale hotel. Adventure awaits…

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Wallet: Prices start from £345 for four nights. Visit domegarden.co.uk to book.

3 Bubbletent Australia, Australia


Australia – home to critters, craters and now, a top secret bubble camp spread across locations in New South Wales. Named after star signs, each tent is complete with a queen-size bed, Bluetooth speaker and of course, a telescope for star spotting. Arrive early – there’s no chance of finding it in the dark.

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Wallet: Prices start from $250 per bubble. Visit bubbletentaustralia.com  to book.

4 Buubble, Iceland


Ice, ice baby. Bubble domes are designed for guests to make the most of their surroundings – and where else to do so than Iceland with its awe-inspiring aurora.

These Buubble domes are hired as part of a tour worth trekking on.  In the winter you’ll trek through a national park and take a dip in a natural hot spring before resting, relaxing and enjoying the night sky back at the dome.

For summer stays, visit waterfalls and a stunning black beach. You’ll also be given a handy eye mask to sleep during the long, light days.

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Wallet: Prices start from $785 per night for two, including the tour. Click here to book.

5 Bubble Lodge, Mauritius


For something dreamy, try a transparent stay at Bubble Lodge, an eco-friendly getaway in the heart of Mauritius. Individually-designed to reflect the landscape outside, each offers an intimate experience of nature –  with exclusive dining in a gourmet restaurant.

Located on a tea plantation, booking a bubble for the night comes with a host of fun free activities, which include kayaking, tilapia fishing, hiking, dinner and a tea factory visit.

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Wallet: Prices start from £280 per night. Click here to book.


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