Five Of Tulum’s Best Foodie Finds

Get your Tulum tastebuds watering with five of The Wordrobe’s top foodie finds on the Mexican Coast 

There are many reasons why Mexico’s chic beach town Tulum has established itself as one of the hottest travel trends in recent years. Not only has it been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located on the picturesque Yucatan peninsula emerging out of the Mexican jungle, it also boasts a succession of authentic restaurants emerging from the midst of Mexico’s verdant jungle.

Try a taste of Tulum with five of The Wordrobe’s most mouth-watering Mexican hotspots.

1 La Popular


One of Tulum’s absolute gems, La Popular sits on the sandy beachfront at Nomade Hotel. Picture a dreamlike location with views of the lapping waves, rhythmically swaying swings and palm trees leaning lazily overhead. A languorous atmosphere only enhanced by the gentle flicker of fairy lights and the distant hum of a hypnotic tribal soundtrack.

La Popular is famous for its fresh sea grill and strives for seafood sustainability, sourcing only fresh, local produce through artisanal fishing. Smell the burning of the open-air stone-lit fire as the chefs cook your catch of the day in an abundance of spices and fresh sea air.

foto1There are numerous must-haves on the menu, be it the show-stopping Octopus Confit starter – cooked to crispy perfection with oregano, potato and paprika, the Catch of the Day or Fresh Salmon in Tequila Sauce (yes, tequila really is used for everything in Mexico). It’s a menu that will leave you licking your fingers and probably (if you can’t help it) your plate as well.   

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  2 Posada Marguerita


If you’re in need of some attentive rest and rejuvenation, Posada Margherita is your go-to inn. Walk from the road through a charming setup of beach bungalowsto the beachfront where you’ll find a restaurant filled with ancient artefacts, vintage posters and recycled water bottles scattered across rustic surfaces.

 Intense Italian aromas of pizza, pasta and pine nuts fill the air. Expect to be distracted from the spectacular sea view by very friendly waiters, who offer water and a starter of Tomato and Garlic Focaccia with a side of Pickled Cauliflower.

The small menu of pasta, pizza and fresh fish is delectable  – especially the bright bowls of homemade linguine. With a choice of vegetables, fresh shrimp, tomato or pesto, there’s an option for everyone. If you’re a fish lover and can’t get enough of Tulum’s celebrated snapper, opt for the catch of the day – you won’t be disappointed.

Lounge through lunch on cushioned, shabby chic benches with a glass of cold white wine in hand or rent one of their private beach huts for the day and take in the turquoise seascape vista in complete tranquillity.

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3 Hartwood


Located on the long road between Tulum’s beach and jungle, Hartwood is one for the hipsters. Set up by ex-New Yorkers and now one of the most well-known restaurant destinations in Tulum, reservations are paramount.

Clad in rustic bamboo from bar to benches, Hartwood preserves, and compliments, the authentic Tulum jungle vibe – creating a casual and carefree ambience only reinforced by the relaxed but very efficient staff.


Hartwood’s dishes vary from day-to-day depending on the local harvest (explaining the need for a charming hand-written chalkboard menu) which comprises a range of locally-caught seafood, steak and ceviche, all cooked on an open wood-burning grill where the smell of grilled snapper mixes with the salty sea air. The results are magical.

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4 Gitano


If you’re in Tulum on a Friday night – Gitano is the place to be. Start with a killer cocktail from their signature menu made up of Mezcal-infused concoctions. Get into the spirit with Jungle Fever, a mezcal mix with chili, lime and cilantro, or Kisses In The Car for fruity flavours of passion fruit and tengerine, lined with a hot habanero chili pepper (the latter being purely for decoration, not devouring)!

download (1)

The setting is enchanting. Fairy lights drape overhead and weave through the tree trunks lighting up the Tulum jungle like a starry nightclub. A central disco ball suspended in the trees sets off a sparkly backdrop, which works wonders at kick-starting that Friday feeling.

Immersed in the full swing of branches, bark and bamboo, we fine dine in fashion over delicately designed dishes of Grilled Avocado with Aromatic Salt, Ponzu and Almonds and Slow-roasted Pork Belly with Sweet and Sour Pineapple and Crispy Cabbage.

Salads are served in coconuts and puddings are carefully prepared with chocolate, mango and mezcal. With disco balls and DJ decks turning, you’ll be dancing in no time.

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5 Kitchen Table


Less well-known than Hartwood or Gitano, Kitchen Table is hidden further up the Boca Paila beach road by bamboo, leaves, rocks and reused materials native from the Tulum region. Entering through a rickety doorway and a thatched roof, you’ll be led up staggered stairways and over undulating levels as you make your way to your forest-covered table.

Another setting scattered in soft candlelight, the mood takes on a relaxed romance, made even more charming by the secluded seating arrangement allowing for private, isolated intimacy – ideal whether you’re a honeymooning couple or simply spending quality time with family or friends.

The food here takes on an innovative simplicity. Guacamole and nachos are made modern with their Deviled Avocado appetiser – half an avocado packed with an egg, cilantro, onion and a chipotle-like mixture served with handmade tortilla chips.

If you’re a fan of beachside guac and nachos, this is your go-to starter. The octopus here is cooked whole (which if it doesn’t frighten you or make you think of something out of Pirates of the Caribbean) is a must-try! Kitchen Table is all about fresh food served unmasked, filling you with flavours of Tulum’s local produce in all its genuine glory.

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Words by Georgie Clarke, The Wordrobe’s Features Writer


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