Week Spot


My my, what a week. 

Do you ever have days when you feel like you just don’t stop? That’s me at the moment – busy, busy, busy.

I’m actually in West Sweden at the moment for work – staying here in different towns until Sunday night, when I’ll fly back to Birmingham for a hideously long and late journey back to Sussex. Bring on the train (eek).

I actually ended up napping for the entire flight here because I’ve been sleeping so poorly lately. Dreamy. We spent the first day kayaking in the ocean – wild winds, waves and occasional coffee stops by little rocks – what an experience!


They really have the culture sorted here. It’s so peaceful and content. You can walk around without the madness that London enforces. Just stroll through picturesque streets and take it all in.


Before coming here I had a cool few days. This week, I was lucky enough to chat to some pretty famous chefs for the magazine I write for, as well as prep some AMAZING upcoming plans and features. I love being excited about the things I write about.

I also love being busy, because it keeps my brain on track. To-do lists are great for that. You know what else is great? Bright red lipstick. It always makes me happy.


Today I wore a deep shade of MAC’S Russian Red for dinner by the harbour in a little Swedish village. It occurred to me that this was my first cooked meal since last Sunday, which is probably weird for you but pretty normal for me lately!


I wore my hair in messy waves with a matching red Zara choker and old vintage shirt, jeans and a black blazer.

Hello, seafood…


…and dessert!


Hope you’ve had a great week too.

Sophie x

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