Today’s Listening: Alive, Sia


The one good thing about waiting for flight after flight is time for listening to plenty of good music – like this track from Sia.

A few days ago, I enjoyed/tolerated a tennis coaching session back in Dubai. I’m not a tennis person – I’ve played about five games in my life. But I gave it a go, because why not. During the lesson, the mildly chauvinistic coach stopped me to ask me my star sign.

“Libra.” I replied, smacking the tennis ball across the court.

“It can’t be!” He laughed. “You have too much fire in you.” 

Now, I’m never going to be a tennis star, so I didn’t take that as an insult in the slightest. I would always prefer to have too much passion than sit about like a weakling. So I was a little proud of that comment.

This song reminds me of that – Alive by Sia is all about spirit. Or maybe a refusal to stop, or quit. Even when it feels like there’s nothing left to give. I relate in many, many ways!


Give it a listen and see if you do too.

Sophie x


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