There’s no Write or Wrong


I always had pretty generic career choices as a child. Firstly, I wanted to be a vet – mainly because we weren’t allowed a dog and I figured becoming a vet was the next best thing to owning my own. Then, I was determined to become a pop star – because I liked singing, loved performing, and had a pretty strong infatuation with the teen star, Aaron Carter. If I became famous, we would almost certainly get married and live happily ever with a limo or something.

This idyllic dream developed into becoming a music producer as I grew older – a little more realistic, career wise – but I changed my mind after my music teacher turned something I loved into a complete chore.

I fell in love with the idea of writing for a living when I started my AS Levels. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved to create with words. As a child, I wrote short stories on a regular basis – about everything from fairytales to my own life. I kept diaries, tried poetry, wrote all of the song lyrics for the band I was lead singer of.

I was always entering writing competitions too – whilst we were living in Texas, aged 11, I’d entered a local music competition and submitted a rap (don’t ask) – which surprisingly, beat all of the usual cello duets and operatic songs to win first place. I’d just never considered it a job – perhaps because I enjoyed it so much.

Luckily, it’s all worked out in the end. Nowadays, I’m a journalist currently working for a luxury travel and food magazine. I’ve spent my week in the realms of Barcelona and Madrid, exploring their artistic streets and meeting their equally creative people. No week’s the same, no story’s the same, no day’s ever the same. And that’s just how I like it – I’m pretty glad I didn’t end up marrying Aaron, after all.


Soph x

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