Ten things to tell 

Everyone has unusual traits about their personality, past and appearances. It’s what makes us the crazed but brilliant individuals that we are. Or so they say.

From travels to teeth, here are ten slightly bizarre things to know about me and my life. 

 1. Half of my right front tooth is fake

Chipped it on a bathroom sink when I was younger after my older sister jumped up behind me. I ducked. Bad timing. 

2. I was partially deaf as a child 

I had the hearing of a ninety year old man until I was about two. Luckily a gromits operation cleared that one up.

3. I went roller blading around Switzerland with my sister in 2013

We skated from town to town using a map and our ability to argue over  almost everything. We also tried couch surfing to save money – one night involved a cheese factory, a bottle of Jack Daniels, accidentally waking up a bunch of nuns and making friends with two crazed Swiss boys. Good times.


4. I’m gullible 

Really, really, irritatingly gullible. Really? 

5. I possess a second brown belt in karate

And a lot of sparring trophies somewhere in my closet to match with it. Both my sisters and father do too.

6. Pepsi Max addiction

I’m fairly sure my blood is at least 89% Pepsi Max by now. 

7. I’m afraid of spiders

One word. BLEGH

8. I grew up all over the place

I grew up in Scotland, Texas and England. I’ve also got a bizarre accent to go with it. 

9. Quite musical 

I play piano, cello and sing. Not all the same time though. 

10. I have a double jointed elbow 

The before mentioned older sister ‘helped’ me swing across monkey bars faster when we were younger by shoving me. I fell and ended up breaking my arm. It needed quite a tricky operation with metal slates and pins, and as a result, I have the world’s most unexpected party trick.

Do you have any strange facts about yourself to share? Tell me all below…

Soph x

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