Peter Joseph On The Importance of Persistance & Pushing On

Sophie Ritchie speaks to Michelin chef Peter Kahani on the importance of keeping a cool head during tough times, as well as his food predictions for 2021 and advice for chefs struggling to stay creative in the Covid-19 climate.

Meet The Chef: Dan Moon

A chef that’s always striving for better, The Wordrobe meets with Dan Moon,  The Gainsborough Bath Spa’s Head Chef to talk sustainable produce, eating with our eyes and kitchen inspirations.

Meet The Michelin Chef: Akis Chaniotis

“Never give up on your dreams. Even when times are tough, stay dedicated, work harder and the results will follow.”
One of London’s top chefs, The Wordrobe talks perseverance, food trends and the importance of fresh ingredients with Akis Chaniotis, Head Chef of the Michelin-starred Pied a Terre.