Sunday Strolling


Having spent so much time in the city lately (and soon to spend a lot more) I took the chance to visit Arundel in Sussex and spent my Sunday evening strolling through its scenic terrain.


Ironically, I often think about the whole ‘grass is greener on the other side’ philosophy when I work in the countryside. Deep down I have to admit that really, on a cloudless day it’s just idyllic – and London seems a world away. It’s a great place to recharge.


I’m a little obsessed with these turtle shades from Topshop at the moment. They’re huge – I love them. Especially on days when I’m not wearing a lot of makeup.



I also wore the cutest Zara silk camisole – it was finally warm enough to crack it out. Love those floral details.




Even spotted some baby lambs on my little trek. Adorable – the one on the right had managed to escape the fence and desperately tried to chew his way to ‘safety’ when I walked past. Too cute.

Hope you had a nice weekend, 

Sophie x

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