Stay In Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio’s Old Lexington Hotel Suite This Summer


For just over a grand per night, you can now stay in Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio’s old Lexington Hotel suite in New York

If Marilyn Monroe were still alive and well, she’d be turning 92. To celebrate the icon’s birthday,  the Lexington Hotel is set to debut the Norma Jean Suite to honour the starlet.

Available to the public from June 1st, the suite is not only named after the actress but also happens to be the home Monroe briefly shared with baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, after the couple eloped in 1954.


The Lexington Hotel brought on interior design firm Fringe to remodel the suite, which was previously known as the Centerfield Suite. The Norma Jean Suite measures 600 square feet, and has a cozy 200 square foot terrace.


Decked out with details and finishes that recall Monroe and DiMaggio’s time at the Lexington, the suite is an enticing mix of furnishings and bright colour. Vibrant pops of red throughout the apartment are supposedly a reference to her favourite lip colours;.

Meanwhile, photos of her and DiMaggio are hung throughout the suite; a Louisville Slugger baseball bat is propped in the umbrella stand; and the walk-in closet here has Bloomingdales shopping bags as a reference to Monroe’s favourite shopping haunt.


Other pre-war flourishes in the suite include the tufted grey velvet Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams sofa, a writing desk by Bernhardt which comes with a repurposed Chanel No.5 bottle used as a flower vase, and the monogramed Dorothy Draper cocktail glasses and vintage Dom Perignon Champagne bucket in the bar.


Monroe famously lived in this suite whilst filming her famous skirt-blowing scene in the “Seven-Year Itch,” which was filmed just a few blocks from the hotel.

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.”What about the right hotel suite?

Make it happen
The Norma Jean suite is now going from $1,200/night. Click here to book


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