You know what? It’s nice to enjoy a little scenic simplicity every once in a while. 

After a few too many weeks of a few too many late nights with work, by the time Thursday rolled around I was feeling a little run down – and was probably starting to look it too.


So, I avoided London and had a pretty quiet Friday of emails and catching up with an old friend instead. Still woke up on Saturday with that dreaded achey throat and the energy of a tranquillised snail. Most people would perhaps stay in bed or drink a Lemsip. I pressed a scalding hot towel on my glands and went for a four hour hike instead. There’s no room for colds here!


I’m still a little too raspy to venture into the smog-ridden city today, so I’ve settled for the splendour of Sussex instead. I was speaking to someone about it the other day who told me “Sussex, it’s just such a spiritual place. There’s just something about it.”


I couldn’t agree more – I never tire of its quiet nature. It’s the perfect place to recharge for 48 hours… until your mum charges into your room mid-naked hair dry to warn you about the dangers of hair dryer fires! Oh Sussex. Home is where the hair dryer is, apparently.

Hope you’re having a nice weekend too,

Sophie x




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