Pinterest Announces Winners Of UK Interior Awards

Pinterest, the visual discovery engine has announced the winners of its Best of Pinterest UK Interiors Awards

Starting in February, people in the UK had the chance to nominate their favourite British interior ideas in categories ranging from Best DIY idea to Best Restaurant idea.

Interiors is one of the largest categories on Pinterest with 14 billion home decor Pins on the platform and more than 12 million of these ideas saved on Pinterest in the UK each month.

The winners of the Best of Pinterest UK Interiors Awards were selected across seven categories – scroll down for the full list.

After analysing the UK nominations and comparing them to Pinterest data, the Awards reveal interesting insights into what Brits are favouring when it comes to interiors this year – from DIY hacks to bold decoration ideas: 

1 Maximalism – more is more. From kitsch to excessive colour, 2018 interiors are unapologetically over the top with people growing confidence in experimenting with colour throughout the home. Maximalism saves +121%

2 Positive pads – from colouring your bedroom happy to motivational workspaces, creating a space that boosts your mindset as well as self-care has moved up with saves for ‘positivity’ increasing +430% in home decor. From wallpaper manifestations and games to playful mini bars and prints, people on Pinterest are feeling the fun.

3 Purple reigns – Pantone’s colour of the year (Ultra Violet saves +2675%) to lavender and mauve, interior ideas and styling is going through a purple patch

4 Rental home solutions and new builds – Injecting personality into your shiny new pad is a challenge. Banish the blank box with expert tips – new build searches +133%. Try before you buy rented art and hanging pictures without nails are the temporary solutions of home hacks people are saving +197% today

5 Not so Accidentally Wes Anderson – people are seeking inspiration from the director’s scrupulously stylised film sets. Wes Anderson saves are +186% on Pinterest. From The Grand Budapest Hotel’s candy pink interiors to 1920’s inspired patterns and posters, this is Pinterest UK’s most opulent 2018 interior trend

 The full list of the Best of Pinterest UK Interiors Awards 2018 Winners and Runners Ups is as follows:

 Best Use of Colour / Texture

Best Use of Colour & Texture Pin Image

Winner:  Terrazzo and mint green bathroom : 2LG Studio
Runners Up: Sabine and Joseph Getty’s High-Voltage Interiors Style: Sabine Getty and British Vogue

2 Best Home Styling Tips

Best Home Styling Tips Pin Image

Winners: Guide to Hockney-inspired Interiors : Living etc. Photo: Simon Bevan and styling Hannah Franklin
Runner Up: 10 Of the Best Smart Home Technology Devices: Design Hunter

Best Architecture

Best Architecture Pin Image

Winner: Shoffice (shed + office) in St John’s Wood: Platform 5 Architects
Runners Up: Peckham Levels: Peckham Levels and Carl Turner Architects  

3 Best Restaurant Design

Best Restaurant Design Pin ImageWinner: Sketch Mayfair: Sketch. Photo credit: @rosielondoner and
Runner Up: Redroaster Cafe, Brighton: Redroaster Coffee and The Stella Collective

4 Best Product

Best Product Pin Image

Winner: Assim Daybed:
Two Runners Up: Murals Wallpaper Brutalist Wallpaper: Murals Wallpaper and Art Deco Swimmers Print: Lou Taylor via Etsy

5 Best DIY Idea

Best DIY Idea Pin Image

Winner: DIY Terrazzo Concrete Bookends: Fall for DIY
Runner Up: DIY Door Makeover – “There’s No Place Like Home” Door & Letterbox: Fashion For Lunch

6 Best Imaginative Idea

Best Imaginative Idea Pin Image

Winner: Colour Match Your Radiators: Mad about the house and Bisque Radiators Runner Up: A Totally Tropical Pegboard Mini Bar: The Ordinary Lovely


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