Paradis Beachcomber in Mauritius Reopens Following €12 Million Transformation

After several months of extensive renovation, Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa in Mauritius has reopened its doors and is welcoming guests to enjoy its renewed splendour 

Paradise is calling. The €12 million renovation includes upgrades to the restaurants, rooms and suites and brings an enhanced golf course, all with a core focus on sustainability.

Improved Dining Experiences
Blue Marlin takes a new turn in keeping with its refined spirit, boldly revisiting the classics of world cuisine, the chef’s creativity enhances the flavours of the sea and land with a daring new twist on dishes from Mauritius and beyond. 

From 15 November, guests can soak up Zest’s warm atmosphere under the shade of the canopies on the beach or the rattan loveseats overlooking the lagoon and enjoy the bountiful cuisine of freshly prepared dishes prepared in the open kitchens, typically Mediterranean al fresco sharing plates. 

With an ocean facing bar and a private lounge, Zest Bar & Lounge offers an intimate atmosphere for couples to enjoy a drink. A panoramic view of the setting sun also makes it the perfect place for those who appreciate all the good things in life. 

Refurbished Accommodation
Eight of the hotel’s suites and 120 rooms have a complete makeover with a playful combination of volumes, comfort and flexibility to suit all families.

An opportunity for the hotel to define its own idea of tropical elegance: a lifestyle that is geared towards the outside, while surrendering to the generous comfort of soft interiors. The senior suites will reopen on the 15th November.

Elevated Golf Course
The hotel has improved its golf course in an innovative and sustainable manner by installing 800 sprinklers for iindividual watering control. These sprinklers use treated and recycled water to minimize wastage. This initiative is part of the Beachcomber Group’s broader water conservation efforts and starting from 21st October, golfers can enjoy the upgraded course.

Focus on Sustainability
Beachcomber has a long-standing involvement in establishing more environmentally and community friendly practices, and the Group’s convictions drive its development. The hard work has paid off this year with Paradis Beachcomber, Dinarobin Beachcomber and the Head Office – Beachcomber House, achieving the prestigious EarthCheck Gold Certification.

Recognised worldwide, this environmental and social benchmarking programme for hotels uses almost 260 criteria to assess their approach to the environment, community and cultural inclusion through annual independent audits. Beachcomber is the first hotel group in Mauritius to achieve EarthCheck Gold status. 

Nightly rates of a Junior Suite start from 394 euros on a B&B basis (rates applicable from 1st November 2023).Images here

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