Oversized sweaters & overslept Saturdays: OOTD

You know it’s winter when you’re wearing so many layers that you question whether you’re going to be mistaken for a well dressed snowman. Or when the thought of leaving the house without drinking a hot coffee beforehand fills you with genuine dread. Who doesn’t love icy mornings and utterly freezing evenings? 

Me, that’s who. 

The myth of a Short Sleeved Tee seems like eons ago. The umbrella has become the new outfit staple. Don’t even get me started on my qualms with Wind Hair. 

Despite sulking over winter weather, I’ve had a pretty great week  working in the city. Commuting to London every day apparently wiped me out though- I overslept by three hours on Saturday morning. (That’s a lifetime in Sophie years.) 

So, I decided to opt for a pretty laid back look yesterday. Oversized errthang.


I teamed a massive Topshop sweater with a camel Zara poloneck, black vest and Topshop stone necklace. Added a pair of Levi’s, Zara boots and a black city coat. 

Perfect for a day of sourcing 8ft Christmas trees and tactical napping!


A successful Saturday. 

Sophie xx

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