My Week In Photos

Hey everyone – hope you’ve had a great week. Mine’s been full of rushing around as normal – here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to for work and in my spare time.

Trying some seriously good food


I’m writing this post with a very full stomach, having just been to the amazing wastEDLondon pop-up at Selfridges with a few big name chefs for work.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a temporary restaurant serving meals only made out of food that would usually have been thrown away. Ever imagined you’d order cod head for lunch – and love it? Me neither, but oh boy I did.

Seeing old friends


I made time to catch-up with a friend this week and spent the day in fits of laughter. Brunch, coffee and great company – now that is a winning combination.

Dragging myself to the gym


Hitting the gym has started to become a far more regular thing in my life again. I used to go twice a day for hours on end – back in the days of very unhealthy eating – and it took me a while to find a balance.  Now, I enjoy an hour of cardio first thing in the morning before cracking on with work. Love it. 

Tackling deadlines (with the help of coffee)


I’ve been working on setting myself deadlines and sticking to them. My job requires a lot of self-discipline so to-do lists, alarms, and a little bit of motivation have been very important this week.

Indulging with a little bit of nature 


Whilst I spent most of the week in the city, I found time to visit my favourite Sussex forest on my rare day in the countryside. Tranquility at its finest.

What have you been up to? Tell me below… x



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