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Mark Best’s Spring Bay Scallops With Vadouvan, Radish, Turnip & Apple

This is a simple salad of magnificent Spring Bay scallops from the pristine waters off Tasmania

Method (ingredients included):
1 Begin this recipe one day in advance. To make the turnip sorbet, bring 100 millilitres water and 200 grams isomalt to the boil, whisking until the isomalt is completely dissolved.
2 Reduce the temperature to 85ºC and add 1.8 grams sorbet stabiliser. Whisk to combine then allow to cool. Store in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours so the stabiliser can hydrate.
3 Use a juicer to juice 8 large turnips to yield 500 millilitres turnip juice. Strain the juice and combine it with 175 grams of the savoury sorbet syrup. Whisk to combine.
4 Pass through a chinoise and pour into a Pacojet beaker. Freeze until solid. Churn in the Pacojet just prior to serving.
5 To make the vadouvan oil, combine 50 grams vadouvan with 100 millilitres each extra virgin olive oil and vegetable oil. Seal in a sous-vide bag and compress with low pressure. Cook in a water bath at 58°C for 5 hours. Pass the oil through an oil filter.
6 To prepare the scallops, shuck 17 scallops and remove the roe. Clean the scallops, removing the small, hard, inedible muscle from the edge.
7 Slice each scallop widthwise into thirds to create round discs. Keep cold.
Peel and finely slice 2 granny smith apples from top to bottom, discarding the core. Punch the apple slices into discs using a pastry cutter the same size as the scallops – you will need about three slices per serve.
8 Thinly slice a selection of radishes (such as French breakfast, cherry belle, hell stone and bleeding heart) and small turnips on a mandolin. Wash and dry 200 grams elk cress and slice 10 radish seed pods on the diagonal.
9 To serve, place six scallop slices on each plate, add the apple, radish, radish pods and a quenelle of sorbet. Finish with a drizzle of vadouvan oil and Murray River pink salt.

Recipe courtesy of Mark Best, extracted from Marque