Makeup Mayhem

I really like using different variations of the same makeup. Especially with my eyeliner – it’s so versatile and you can change something casual into an evening look in no time at all. Here are some of the looks I’ve tried out lately. 

1. The Wing



This was for a dinner out with a friend in Brighton. I used a really heavy top layer of eyeliner and then a much thinner bottom layer, with light brown eyeshadows and Estée Lauder red lipstick. Wavy hair, and black clothing (of course).  I normally take photos of my makeup mid evening, hence the less than perfect quality of these photos ha!



2. The Creation of Cheekbones


I have quite high cheekbones (when my face isn’t being a puffy monster) so I like to accentuate these. For this look I used a mixture of two toned blusher, gel eyeliner and Estée Lauder foundation to hide any bad skin issues. Because I was working on my cheeks I toned down the eyeliner.



Very thick eyeliner and darker gold/brown eyeshadow to make dem’ eyes pop. Brown pencil eyeliner and no7 Shadow Eyeliner too. My eyes are blue so I use brown to prevent the liquid eyeliner from overpowering my face and softening the look.

You can’t tell from the photo but pale pink lipstick too – I think if you’re doing something big and dramatic, it’s best to stick to one feature.

4. “What’s black, white and red all over…?”


I was wearing white and wanted to make sure it didn’t drain me even more than my dissertation – so I wore bright red lipstick, pencilled brows and simple liquid winged eyeliner. I pinned my hair back to accentuate the lipstick even further. White and red go so well together!

5. Corals


Lastly, this is my take on a different toned red lipstick. I normally go for dark reds, but this is a much lighter Loreal coral red shade. I paired it with dusty pink blusher and block eyeliner.

There you have it! Five variations of a very similar look. I think makeup should be a little like a good wardrobe – everything consistent, versatile and coordinating. You can re-alter these to create new styles, without spending a fortune and having a box filled with products you hardly ever use.





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