Limewood Hotel Hosts Cookery Workshops With Stephen Lamb


River Cottage curing and smoking expert and award-winning author Steven Lamb will be hosting two cookery workshops at the luxurious Limewood hotel in Hampshire this summer 

Steven Lamb is a linchpin of the whole River Cottage operation and has been for a decade. An expert on several courses at the cookery school,  he specialises in curing and smoking meat.

A regular face on the River Cottage TV series and author of the award-winning River Cottage Curing & Smoking Handbook, he works closely with founder Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and head chef Gill Mellor to represent River Cottage both in the UK and abroad.


Steven will be sharing his passion and craft with lucky attendees, hosting a workshop in Fresh Cheese Making and another with a Pig in a Day.

The duo of courses are set to entail the following exciting activities.

Fresh Cheese Making workshop – Tuesday 12th June

Food is always about more than the finished dish. Every ingredient is the culmination of a journey, of a series of happenings, decisions and interventions. This is particularly true with making cheese, which illustrates how terroir and technique can alter a simple set of ingredients into many final resulting products.

The cheese making class will cover how to create wonderful fresh cheeses using a number of techniques that can easily be replicated in a domestic set-up. In this practical, hands on class, you’ll learn the principles of a cheesy trio.

Learn the art of making a strained yoghurt cheese called Labneh, a paneer which is a directly acidified cheese, halloumi cheese which is a rennet cheese cooked in the whey brine and a cultured fresh curd lactic cheese. All of which can be taken home and eaten straight away.

Pig in a Day workshop – Tuesday 7th August

The pork is such a versatile culinary ingredient and this day celebrates the many qualities of the great, noble pig. The day will begin with some simple butchery and then move on to boning and rolling roasting joints.

Pig in a Day will teach you how to get to grips with the carcass of a whole pig, transforming it into a wide range of products and delicious pork recipes.

Make it happen
When: 9.45am arrival for a 10am start – approx 3pm finish
Where: Beaulieu Rd, Lyndhurst SO43 7FZ
Cost: £260 per person, per class. Includes lunch, a HH&Co Backstage apron, recipe pack and book. Click here to reserve your space


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