Jessica Prescott’s Watermelon Limeade


Juicy, vibrant and ideal for a summer’s day. Sip on…

• 1/2 large watermelon
• 1-3 limes
• ice cubes, to serve
• mint, to garnish

1 Place the flat end of the melon half on your chopping board and remove the skin in downward slices. Keeping the flat end of the melon on the board, slice the melon as you would a loaf of bread.
2 Pick up a slice of melon and you will see the seeds are clustered in a line. Using your hands, gently break the melon along this line. Scrape the seeds off with a spoon and then place the seedless flesh in your blending receptacle. Repeat until you have done this with all of the slices.
3 That’s it. Turn on your blending device and blend the chunks of melon until they are smooth. Add the juice of your fresh lime or limes and blend once more to combine.
4 Pour into glasses with ice and mint or store in the fridge until ready to drink. If doing this, you will need to give it a swirl before you drink it.

Recipe courtesy of Jessica Prescott, extracted from Vegan Goodness


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