James Martin’s Ice Cream with Whisky Toffee Sauce & Toasted Marshmallows

James Martin's Ice Cream with Whisky Toffee Sauce & Toasted Marshmallows

Ideal for a cold wintery night, James Martin’s ice cream with whisky toffee sauce & toasted marshmallows is all kinds of deliciousness

“I always like to have a few bottles of whisky on hand for when my mates come over, and this is such a quick and simple way of combining it with one of the all-time favourite treats: ice cream. It’s a great way to turn good-quality ice cream into a really special pudding.”

• 75g butter
• 100g soft brown sugar
• 125ml double cream
• 50ml whisky
• 50g marshmallows
• 400ml vanilla or toffee ice cream

1 Place the butter, sugar and cream in a pan and heat gently until the sugar has dissolved. Add the whisky, then leave to cool slightly.
2 Put the marshmallows on a baking tray. Blow-torch them until golden and sizzling. Alternatively, grill them under a hot grill.
3 To assemble, put scoops of ice cream into individual dishes, drizzle over the whisky toffee sauce and top with the toasted marshmallows.

Recipe courtesy of James Martin, extracted from Fast Cooking. Photography via Tara Fisher.


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