Inspiration of the week: Sophia Amoruso

I’m constantly inspired by things, places and most importantly, people. From shoe success to musical muses, it’s easy to find role models excelling in their chosen fields pretty much everywhere you look. 

So, I thought I’d start an ‘inspiration of the week’ feature for my blog. Because without passion, life is pretty much meaningless. 

My number one idol at the moment is Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal and author of the book that changed my perspective on career women, #GIRLBOSS.

Amoruso inspires me because her outstanding success was not built using the ‘straight and narrow’ path. She built her online clothing empire from sweat, hard work, creative risks, eBay, Subway sandwich tuna massaging, a shoplifting wake up call and a well timed hernia.

 To put it simply, she got where she is today from pouring her soul into every piece of clothing she sold and never playing by the rules. That’s why I love her. That’s why she has a business worth over $100 million. 

She symbolises how a past never reflects a future and how it’s so important to do what you love – and do it as well as you possibly can. If you haven’t already, pick up a copy of #NastyGal and give it a read. I promise you will laugh at least once every page, and at the very least will enjoy her descriptions of disastrous CV applications. 

Do you have any role models of the moment? Tell me below.

Sophie, x

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