Inspiration of the week: Berlin

For those of you that don’t read my blog regularly, I’m currently running an ‘Inspiration of the week‘ series about the things that get my pulse racing, my brain thinking and my imagination flared up. 

If you’re not yet up to date, check out last week’s post on Sophia Amoruso here

This week’s inspiration is not a person, it’s a place. Berlin, to be exact. 
I stayed in Berlin for a while back in November and it was easily the most interesting city I’ve ever visited. I’ve never been to anywhere quite as creatively dysfunctional. Or as wild (and trust me, I’ve been to a few wild places). 

It was enormous, vibrant, a little violent and completely captivating. I loved its unpredictability – although not at first. Berlin is a little ugly around the edges. A black swan, I suppose. Street riots and scammers were an everyday thing. As a girl travelling on her own, there were points where perhaps things were not terribly safe. But that simply made it all the more exciting, of course. 
It challenged me. That’s why it’s so inspiring – because it breaks boundaries of the norm and the unknown. 
At the time of my visit, I wrote a little bit about my stay and this ended up being published in an eBook, Fall in Love with Writing, last month. 

Check out my original post here to see how Berlin inspired me so thoroughly. 


And if you ever want to escape from your own comfort zone, Berlin is most truly the destination I recommend to do so. 

Sophie x

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