Indulge Your Sweet Tooth With Geneva Tourism’s New ‘Choco Pass’  


Talk about ‘Sweetzerland’. A destination known across the globe for its chocolatiers, foodies can now indulge in an array of world-famous chocolate creations and experiences thanks to Geneva Tourism’s new ‘Choco Pass’  

Just in time for Easter, the scenic city break destination, Geneva, has announced the launch of its new Choco Pass, allowing visitors access to some of the city’s most sought-after chocolatiers with plenty of delicious creations to enjoy.

Explorers can purchase the special pass to take a taste drive of Geneva’s rich history in chocolate-making, which dates back hundreds of years. In addition to a chocolate-themed tour, ticket holders can really taste test their way around Geneva, with a selection of specialities to try at each participating chocolate maker. 

World-renowned for its chocolate, Geneva is opening its world of chocolatiers to visitors both new and old, with this all-encompassing pass that is fully customisable to your preferences. With the freedom to build your own chocolate tour around however many artisans you wish to visit, the Choco Pass is a unique way to experience Geneva (and leave with a very full stomach too).

How it works:

The new pass is available to purchase for £24.30 for adults and £4.90 for children, with a small percentage of each sale dedicated to Cause We Care, the initiative for climate protection and sustainable tourism in Switzerland. Once activated after your first tasting, the Choco Pass allows tourists access to all participating chocolatiers within a 24-hour period. For Choco Pass Kids, the below tasting selection is adapted. 

Participating chocolatiers and their ‘Choco Pass plate’ include: 

1 La Bonbonnière Chocolaterie et Chocolate Bar: A choice of Grand Cru or Gourmand hot chocolate and 4 chocolates of choice/ Kids: A choice of Grand Cru or Gourmand hot chocolate for kids and 1 chocolate of choice 

2 Du Rhône Chocolatier: A selection of 6 chocolates, featuring milk and dark chocolate and pralines/ Kids: chocolate blocks and truffles 

3 Stettler & Castrischer:  1 Pavé de Genève, Bonbons Deluxe range: a Chuao, a luzern, a brazilia, a fleur de sel, a raspberry pearl (in a box of 6)/ Kids: 50gr of crunchy hazelnuts 

4 Sweetzerland : Caramel Truffle, Hazelnut Rocher, Raspberry Truffle, Almond Dragées, Cashew Nut Petals / Kids: chocolate almonds 

5 Chocolaterie Zeller: 3 pavé glacé, 1 Florentine (milk or dark), a praline nougatine mould (dark or milk), a candied orange covered in chocolate/ Kids: a mouse with chocolate mousse filling 

6 Favarger: Avelines and Nougalines, a chocolate bar / Kids: lollipop and Avelines. 

To find out more and indulge a sweet tooth, please visit the  Geneva Tourism website.  

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