IMAGES: Exploring Gstaad


Hello, hello! I’m back from a few days of Swiss adventures in Gstaad – what a trip!

It’s rare for me to return from a country and immediately want to write about it – but this particular trip to Gstaad, Switzerland was a special one. And so much fun. I can’t wait to share my finished feature with you.

Gstaad is a cool place. It’s drenched in wealth, brimming with elegance and still retains that sense of suaveness rather than stuffiness. I loved it.

My trip made me really think about a few things – one, comfort zones. I need to break away from them a little more. Number two, just get on with it! That was the advice me and my friend were shouting at each other as we first teetered over the edge of steep ski slopes. What’s really the worst that could happen?

Here’s a few shots from a morning stroll through the picturesque town with my friend – fondue a la cart and free coffee, anyone?




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