IMAGES: Beauty & The Beast in Beirut


There are few places in the world quite as wild as Beirut, Lebanon. I was fortunate enough to experience a taste of the untamed city for myself – here’s a few shots of the adventure.

Beirut is a place that has no room for even the smallest of comfort zones. You have to throw yourself in – accept the culture, accept the history and accept the endless eating. The latter isn’t hard – I think I consumed more in five days than I normally would in a month.

Other than being foodie bliss, Beirut is brimming with energy – it’s a place that feels alive when you walk around. And yes, there’s that mild sense of danger lingering at the back of your mind when you’re sharing sidewalks with soldiers – but I quite liked that. Even when I could see the border of Syria from my lunch table during one afternoon escapade!

Here’s a few shots from my stay….

Staying…. in the lap of luxury at Phoenicia Beirut 


Eating… everything I could get my hands on



Exploring… local mosques, churches, vineyards and the occasional nightclub!




Revelling… at the mix of decadence and decay 



Mouth already watering at the memories! Keep a lookout for my full feature in Good Things magazine, out in 2018.

Hope you like,

Sophie x

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