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I get bored of the same old scenery – I am always after something new to inspire me. Especially places as beautiful as South Tyrol.

Today, I am dreaming of this hike back in the heat of summer. I was in the mountainous terrain of South Tyrol in northern Italy, trekking and trying everything.

The above photo never fails to make me laugh – that poor farmer looks like a cornered zoo animal. Bonus points if you can spot me in the lineup.

During the same afternoon that was taken, we embarked upon a really beautiful hike. Trainers on and lathered in suncream, we climbed up to a little mountain hut for a Tyrollean lunch, where we met Hans –  a delightful man who baked us bread and showed us photos from his past.

I really miss that skyline – there was something so striking about it. Like watching daggers in the sky.

PLUS: Read my full magazine feature on South Tyrol’s dining scene here.

Enjoy the images… 


Hope you like (and happy hiking)

Sophie x


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