ICEHOTEL Launches Cocktails With Icy Twist


Ice ice, baby. Sweden’s ICEHOTEL is launching signature cocktails so cool, they’re bound to make any explorer melt

Head to Sweden this spring for the exclusive opportunity to try the ICEHOTEL’s signature cocktails, which are made using the last of the 2017 vintage ice that was used to build this year’s spectacular ICEHOTEL.


Heading up this new experience is ICEHOTEL’s head bartender, Fredrik Minnhagen, who will pass on all of his mixology secrets and teach guests his signature cocktail using Scandinavian gin and accompanied by local condiments all inspired by the Arctic spring.


With the big arctic melt upon us, the cocktail will include one very special ingredient, Fredrik explained, “The one thing that makes this signature cocktail unique is vintage ice harvested in 2017, and the last of the ice used to build this year’s ICEHOTEL.”

 This new experience is only available during the spring months when the main ICEHOTEL structure begins to melt back to the Torne River from where it once began.


To accompany the new cocktail experience is the chance to sleep in ICEHOTEL 365 with its year-round icerooms; and join a hard hat tour inside the melting ice structure with an experienced guide where visitors will experience firsthand the beginning of the big melt and the return of the ICEHOTEL to its source – the Torne river.

Chef's table at the Veranda, Asaf Kliger

The seasonal ICEHOTEL structure is rebuilt every year using a mixture of snice, snow that has been compacted and frozen into a concreate like icy structure, and ice harvested from the Torne River on the banks of which the ICEHOTEL is located each year.

Icebar by Icehotel, Copenhagen.

Icebar by Icehotel, Copenhagen.
Icebar by Icehotel, Copenhagen.

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