How To Style Your Living Room: 4 Design Tips 

When it comes to styling your living room, it’s natural you want it to be stylish, inviting and comfortable. Discover these design tips to create a living room you’ll never want to leave

For many, the living room is the heart of the home. In this space, you’ll relax after a long day at work, curl up on the sofa to watch a film and gather with your friends and family. This room is likely to be used often so you’ll naturally want it to be stylish, inviting, and comfortable. 

Here is the lowdown on how to style your living room, from ambient lighting and seating to storage and atmosphere. 

Complimenting Colour Scheme 

Colour has a dramatic impact on the look and feel of a room. Cool, earthy tones like fresh greens, soothing blues, and soft greys bring feelings of calm and relaxation. Warm hues such as rust reds, beiges, and terracotta instantly make your living room seem cosier and more vibrant. The colour scheme you choose depends on your vision for the space. 

Update Your Seating Area

 The seating in your living room matters and is often the main event. A 2023 survey found that the majority of Brits spend 3-4 hours per day on the couch, so you’re going to want to choose something that meets your lifestyle while still bringing the room together. There are many different types of sofas, but the right style will depend on your room layout and aesthetic. 

One long sofa in a rectangular living room is perfect for leaving plenty of floor space and creating a nice flow around the room. A mix of floating sectionals and armchairs helps to define areas and can be easily between a space for relaxing and entertaining. 

Lighting As A Decorative Piece 

Lighting is more than a functional addition to your living room – it has the power to make or break the stylistic features of a space. The right lighting can visually expand a room and act as a decorative piece that makes a creative statement. 

You could opt for a dramatic chandelier or pendant as your main source of light and pair it with table lamps for a sophisticated, luxurious atmosphere. You could try layering lighting and use multiple light sources along walls to highlight the interesting features of your living room. 

Luxury Materials And Finishes 

Don’t underestimate the power of those final finishing touches on your living room. You could take your scheme to the next level by adding luxury materials and finishes. Sumptuous textiles and rich hues add dimension to your living room, whether you opt for a crushed velvet armchair or sophisticated printed wallpaper. 

Furniture provides a great opportunity to introduce some texture and personality to your downstairs spaces. From your living room to understairs storage, give your home unique and luxurious finishes, including elegant gloss and rustic wood for a more classic aesthetic. 

Be Mindful Of the Senses 

Flower power is real and never fails to brighten up a space. Decorating with fresh-cut flowers is an easy way to bring your living room to life with that instant injection of colour and scent. 

Not only that but there is evidence to suggest flowers in the home are linked to positive effects on mental well-being. The vibrancy and smell are stimulating to our senses and can help reduce anxiety and stress levels. 

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