How To Keep Your Beauty Budget, Not Basic

It’s getting close to that time of year again. You know. The ‘C’ word. 

You can tell the months of buildup to Chrismas are kicking off when you can’t order a coffee without a fat snowman on your cup to accompany it. Or visit a store without the endless ringing of Jinglebells in your ears. I’m pretty sure that the minute Halloween finished, every store manager across the country cracked their knuckles, grabbed their nearest employee and yelled “Unleash the decorations!”

That’s how I like to picture it, anyway. 

We might as well accept it. With the festivities and fun comes a lot of splurging – from our waistlines to our wallets. With so much to prepare for and so many presents to buy, it’s time to start cutting back a little.

So, I’ve put together a few tips on how to keep your beauty regime looking beautiful, even on a tight budget. Budget, not basic. That’s my motto. 

1. Keep an eye out for deal-ights
When you’re shopping, lookout for the best deals. Maybe it’s shampoo, maybe it’s soap, maybe it’s shower gel. If you see it on sale (and know you will need it) then stock up. You’ll save more in the long run than waiting until you run out and have to pay full price. 

2. Try a new brand 

When it comes to certain products, don’t be afraid to try a new brand -especially if it’s far cheaper. Do your research and google it to see what others say. Read the reviews. If it’s got the thumbs up, then go for it. 

You never know – you might find a new favourite. 

3. Replace makeup remover with Johnson’s baby shampoo

Okay, so it might sound weird, but this is honestly a fantastic tip. Makeup remover is pricy – we normally pay at least £2 for a pack up of decent makeup wipes and £4 for cleanser. 

Especially if you tend to wear a lot of makeup, it’s important to keep skin clean at night or during exercise. Swap your usual wipe or bottle for Johnson’s baby shampoo. It’s perfect. Trust me.

4. Bar soap before bottled

Bar soap lasts longer, is better for the environment and saves a lot of money. And it comes in a ridiculous amount of scents.  If you’re on a tight budget, swap bottled for bar. 

5. Pay a visit to Poundland

It’s okay, nobody has to know. Pop into Poundland and see what’s on offer. You can find heaps of savings lurking around – from skincare to shavers. Don’t be a shop snob – if you’re strapped for cash, give it a go. 

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