Give ‘Em The Boot: Dr. Martens Collaborates with MASTERMIND WORLD

A fusion of heritage and non-conformity, with smooth black leather and a skull and crossbones print, here’s everything you need to know about Doc Martens’ latest collaboration

After 12 months of cool designs and stylish footwear, Doc Martens’ 1460 Remastered series is coming to a close. The 60th anniversary celebrations aimed to champion the brand’s self-expression, as well the ability to redefine what it means to be tough and keep on going, especially in a year such as 2020. Each month saw a new collaboration released and for the 12th and final partnership, Doc Marten has teamed up with world-renowned MASTERMIND WORLD.

Founded by Masaaki Homma in 1997, mastermind JAPAN earned their cult status via their predilection for secrecy and their prominence within the Ura-Harajuku scene. Much about the Japanese label is shrouded in mystery.

But Homma’s love of punk is not. Sex Pistols — long-time DM’s wearers and collaborators — were key to igniting his love of this British subculture… And many decades later, it’s not hard to imagine them wearing this sleek black boot, splashed with mastermind JAPANS’ signature skull and crossbones motif.

Stating that the skull and crossbones are one the most poignant cultural symbols, Homma has rarely strayed far from this minimalist print throughout his history as a designer. It speaks for itself. And this signature motif has become an iconic symbol of alternative Japanese streetwear. 

Thus, the latest collaboration is a collision of not just our core markings. It’s a fusion of heritage and non-conformity – with smooth leather, a skull and crossbones print, removable jungle zip and branded zip pull to ‘boot’.

Shop it now and give someone the boot for Christmas – the final 1460 Remastered boot is available HERE in limited numbers.

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