Get The Snoop: Smeg Unveils Limited-Edition Fridge for Peanuts’ 70th Anniversary

Combining sleek technology with playful style, Smeg has teamed up with the group behind Snoopy to create a stunning limited edition fridge

Add a dose of Snoopy style to your kitchen with this morale-boosting new partnership. Iconic Italian appliance brand Smeg has teamed up with the group behind Snoopy to create a limited edition FAB10 fridge, in order to commemorate Peanuts’ 70th anniversary.

From previous collaborations with Disney, Dolce & Gabbana and Mini, Smeg is no stranger to partnering with legendary firms to pair its pioneering designs with iconic brands.

Snoopy, the much-loved character of Charles M. Schulz’s popular comic strip, Peanuts, made his debut in 1950s and now is immortalised on Smeg’s iconic fridge through this unique coupling of two globally renowned brands. The character has spanned generations that many will remember with a fond sense of nostalgia.

Not only stylish, the new fridges are incredibly rare. Smeg’s FAB10 is brought to life by an original Snoopy drawing – a limited edition design that will only be available on a total of 70 fridges worldwide, with a mere 25 in the UK. In fact, each fridge will come complete with a silver plaque denoting to the unique limited-edition number of that fridge.

This exclusive collaboration between Smeg and Snoopy sees two brands synonymous with family coming together. The brand’s both share long and multifaceted histories, combining the two’s developed characters and cemented ‘icon’ statuses within their respective fields.

The playful artwork features Snoopy laying in his classic pose above his doghouse, flanked by his friend Woodstock, who flies above energetically – an invaluable original drawing for collectors of Snoopy memorabilia! The drawing lends itself perfectly to the retro curves of the FAB10 design for a truly perfect pairing.

An optimum home mini-fridge, the Snoopy edition adds a ton of personality to this statement tech-savvy refrigerator.

The Snoopy FAB10 fridge will be priced at £1,299 and available from Smeg’s London Store, 14 Regent Street, St James’s, SW1Y 4PH. See more via

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